Welcome back dear farmer friends! Today we are talking about vineyards and row crops. For these applications, here in BKT, we have developed a very extensive range of row crop tires that are specifically designed to easily pass through the rows without damaging the crops.

Limited soil compaction, high load capacity and enhanced traction are just a few of the special features these tires provide. In addition, they are particularly delicate, showing extraordinary soil care.

The number one choice: Agrimax RT 945

All BKT products for vineyard and orchard applications ensure highest performance. So, it’s really hard to draw up a chart. Yet, today, we are focusing on Agrimax RT 945. Let’s see why!

First of all, the narrow tread pattern has been specially designed to protect the soil. This special feature enables the tractor to move easily and lightly among the crops reducing soil compaction, the most dangerous enemy of your land.  

Perfect for spraying and vineyard harvesting operations, Agrimax RT 945 is also ideal for road transfers. The special tread has been designed to facilitate the ejection of mud and earth residuals, making field-road transfers quite easy. All this turns into significant time savings and a considerable increase in productivity.

A purchase you’ll have no regrets about! Excellent stability, outstanding traction, best self-cleaning properties and exceptional durability make Agrimax RT 945 suitable for compact utility tractors in municipality and maintenance applications.

You see, Agrimax RT 945 really deserves the first place, doesn’t it? Discover all the available sizes on the BKT website!