Dear readers, if you visited last Bauma, the most prestigious international trade show on earthmoving, construction, industrial and mining machinery and vehicles, then you have definitely seen the latest BKT novelties.

Among them there’s Earthmax SR 31, the ideal tire for loaders, dozers and articulated dump trucks employed in loading and material handling operations, whenever the job gets tough!

What has BKT up their sleeves this time? Let’s find it out!

Umpteen times strength, stability and comfort...  

The features of Earthmax SR 31 are, indeed, extraordinary strength, stability and driving comfort. This All Steel radial tire with multi-ply belts provides first-class grip and durability along with excellent maneuverability even if conditions get really tough.

Heavy-duty loading and material handling operations are no obstacles for Earthmax SR 31. The tire ensures maximum traction even on muddy terrains thanks to its rigid block pattern. In addition, the radial casing structure reduces the rolling resistance. This turns into better fuel economy and minor operating costs.

But the advantages don’t end here! Earthmax SR 31 is extraordinarily resistant against cuts, tears, abrasions and high temperature. Thanks to its durability, excellent performance is always guaranteed.

You’re asking, whether there is a magic formula? Well, you almost got to the point! Thanks to extensive R&D, BKT has come up with a special tread compound that ensures a longer tire life-cycle.

As you know, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Earthmax SR 31 is the right solution. 

So, what are you waiting for? Test its special features straightaway!