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Today, let us move into the world of Earthmoving machinery. We are going to tell you something about Earthmax SR 41 for articulated dumpers for quarries or construction sites

Today, let us move into the world of Earthmoving machinery. We are going to tell you something about our solutions for articulated dumpers for quarries or construction sites. Out of the several tires from our OTR range, let us talk about Earthmax SR 41. This new radial tire is designed to face hard activities at quarries/construction sites.

From a problem….

As many of you know well, the daily work at quarries/construction sites represents many tricky and challenging moments. One must operate under uncertain, sometimes even dangerous circumstances, and at any environmental or climatic condition. Working tools, temporary platforms, material deposits and rugged road surfaces are just a few situations EM people and machinery have to face every day paying attention to every single step.

Not only is such a work environment a challenge for men and machinery/vehicles, but also for tires. Operators of Earthmoving machinery on construction sites or at quarries are well aware of the difficulties that OTR tires have to face every day: hard operations, heavy loads and travel on rugged roads or muddy land. All these conditions very often lead to early wear and serious damage because of punctures or abrasion due to foreign matters.

…to its solution

To satisfy your needs, a tire must be resistant, performing and have a large load capacity. That is why we have developed the new Earthmax SR 41, a radial tire for articulated dumper applications.

But what is it that makes our Earthmax SR 41 unique? As an evolution of the technology from the previous model Earthmax SR 40, this product offers even better performance. Let us find out some features together:

  • The All Steel structure and the multi-ply steel-belted casing lend the tire extraordinary resistance against impacts, such as punctures and penetration of foreign matters.
  • The tread is 50% deeper compared to a standard tire. This turns into a longer tire life-cycle: more working hours = more productivity. Besides, the tread has reinforced connecting elements ensuring more block stiffness and major tire stability.
  • The lug design has been particularly developed to enhance traction, an essential feature for articulated dumpers operating in tough conditions. The internal space between one and another lug has been reduced in order to avoid that stones or other foreign matters remain trapped in the tire.
  • The cutting-edge compound enhances product performance and life-cycle compared to previous models. The tire is available in two versions: the first made of a cut-resistant compound for very tough terrains where debris is present; the other is a standard blend for mixed applications.

What do you think? Does our Earthmax SR 41 have the right features to face workaday life on a construction site? Tell us your opinion.

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