Dear readers, let’s talk today about a tire that is ready to face the toughest and harshest conditions. A tire that will make your life easier if you are operating in mining, haulage or logging applications.

Essential OTR requirements are: resistance, durability and driving comfort. Well, Earthmax SR 44 is the right All Steel radial tire for your needs. Let’s take a closer look!

Comfortable, resistant, versatile

Three are the keywords highlighting the features of Earthmax SR 44:


We all know how important it is for your back to have a comfortable ride not subject to continuous jolts. The same goes for effective operations. From this point of view, Earthmax SR 44 will immediately become your best ally: the robust and deep tread provides the excellent traction you’re looking for. You’ll actually enjoy being on board!


The key feature for a long tire life in adverse and dangerous conditions, as you can find in mines, is resistance. The special compound, thoroughly designed by the BKT R&D team, acts like a shield to protect Earthmax SR 44 from cuts, tears, punctures, and heat. This turns into extraordinary durability and a higher productivity compared to traditional tires.


The special tread pattern has been particularly designed for multi-use vehicles. The result is a versatile tire suitable for any conditions, including mining, haulage and logging applications. Earthmax SR 44 enhances productivity and performance whatever your operation is.

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