Welcome back dear friends! On our blog today, we’re telling you some powerful news: dual-fuel engines for the agricultural sector. You probably know them from cars, but now you can use them for tractors that have been around for a while. Why don’t you give them a little thought? Let’s find out more!

Dual-fuel systems offer economic and environmental advantages

Sure, methane is ideal to run combustion engines – environmentally friendly. The reason is that it actually offers a better ratio of energy release to carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, concentrations of nitric oxides are less than 95% compared to diesel fuel.

The debut of the dual-fuel system is an essential step forward, and you can use bio-methane even for your existing diesel-powered agriculture vehicles on the farms. 

How does it work?

Dual-fuel tractors can run on diesel only or on a 50% diesel-methane mixture. The mixing ratio of the two fuels is optimized by a controller to find the right balance between performance and consumption. A specific common-rail supplies the methane by means of indirect injection. In other words, methane is mixed with the suction air, while diesel is directly injected into the combustion chamber. Thanks to the ease of this system no interventions on the engine mechanical parts are necessary and no auxiliary devices for sparkplug ignition are needed.

Which tractors does it work with?

Any farm vehicles can be dual-fuel operated. Yet, the best performance is expected on older machinery with high fuel consumption levels. Anyway, you can get bio-methane free of charge or at definitely lower prices compared to your traditional fuel. Options for storing methane in a tank on the front loader are currently at an experimental stage. This kind of ballast would avoid the installation of any gas cylinder on board, directly integrating the methane management systems.

Let’s recap... what are the advantages?

The dual-fuel system focuses on both the user and the environment, since it offers a high level of efficiency, an optimized use of bio-methane, and emission control. It’s environment-friendly but also owner-friendly. The latter can count on a significant reduction in fuel costs.

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