BKT Tires production increases with a new plant 1

BKT Tires production increases with a new plant

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BKT has started trail production at its brand-new site in Waluj (India). Initiated in 2019, the plant will host 500 people when on full capacity. Here, around 30,000 metric tons of medium and small-diameter agricultural and industrial tires will be manufactured soon.

The plant in Waluj does not only allow BKT to increase its production in a strategical moment, but also to make it more efficient. The new site is indeed a cutting-edge plant from both a structural and mechanical point of view. And all production departments and work flows have been reorganized in detail for maximum efficiency. 

Waluj plant, spread over 22 acres, is also a positive message to the market and the industries BKT operates in. The pandemic has not stopped its construction. Once the safety and health of all workers were secured, the project proceeded with determination.

“It can be done” comments Arvind Poddar, BKT President and CEOwe dream big and work hard to make dreams true. We know that the market and all our clients will be satisfied about this enhancement in our production, especially in such an historical moment. You know us, we won’t stop here.”


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