BKT: Committed to Our Global Community

BKT: Committed to Our Global Community

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At BKT, we pride ourselves on our ‘Glocal’ approach to business. But how do we show our commitment to both people and planet? Read our latest blog to discover the ways we demonstrate our care for the communities around us. 

BKT is a people-centric company. This means that our goal is to put people at the center of our decisions, which we have openly expressed since the inception of our company back in 1954. However, actions speak louder than words – which is why we have launched many initiatives to make a positive difference in the world. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the projects which are close to our hearts.


What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

You’ve probably heard of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): a term that identifies the ethical and social initiatives that companies undertake to protect the environment and their local and global communities. CSR activities are increasingly common nowadays, particularly in light of the climate crisis and increased awareness of global societal issues. Fortunately, you don’t have to operate in a specific industry in order to make a positive difference in the world – CSR should be a key part of every company, in fact.

At BKT, we have always been committed in this field. For years, we have been implementing a production and business model that pays close attention to protecting the environment and surrounding communities. 1987 marks our first CSR activity: we provided financial support to a hospital in Aurangabad. Fast-forward to 2014, and the BKT Foundation was born – which led to us becoming ‘CSR official’, with our own board level committee.

Our goal is to put people and their wellbeing at the center of our decisions. Over the last decade, we have launched a series of initiatives making a direct and positive effect on the wellbeing of our employees, and our local and international communities. Let’s take a closer look at some of our projects together!


1. Bhuj

As a private enterprise, we know that a large portion of our success is due to our team spirit. So, we have adopted a production model that guarantees a high quality of life for BKT employees and supports human and workers’ rights.

A primary example of one of our CSR initiatives can be found in Bhuj, our most recent production site and overall largest plant. Bhuj is a true example of a “social factory”. In addition to the infrastructure built for the production of tires, we created a housing colony for our employees and their families, giving them the chance to live within a community that offers free access to a hospital facility on site, a school, a guesthouse, a recreational center, and other facilities of social interest. We firmly believe that our international communities are part of the BKT family – and are, therefore, treated as such.


2. Medicine and Research

As we mentioned earlier, our activities are not limited to our employees, but overflow out into the local community as well. You will certainly know that BKT is an Indian company. That is why – in line with our ethical and social commitment - we proudly extend a helping hand to those living in the surrounding towns of our five production plants in India. Our contributions have led to significant improvements in the healthcare facilities and hospitals in the local villages. In fact, donations to the Aurangabad hospital, located in West India, were used to purchase a state-of-the-art intensive care and surgery unit, diagnostic equipment and two ambulances for emergency rescue purposes.

In Mumbai, home of BKT headquarters, contributions to medical research projects, headed by Dr. Ramakanta Panda, one of the most eminent cardiac surgeons in India, brought cardiac valve replacement surgery to the area. BKT CSR commitments also include investing in technologically advanced equipment for the treatment of patients diagnosed with heart failure and serious respiratory conditions.


3. Education

We could not overlook opportunities to invest in education. Training today’s youth is an important investment for the future and that’s why we decided to fund the scholastic study programs of more than 800 girls who live in the state of Rajasthan, an area close to the production plants of Bhiwadi and Chopanki in Northern India. While at the university level, we support training programs for Indian students who have excelled in academics and are enrolled in top universities and colleges in India and abroad.

At BKT, we believe in the importance of uplifting and supporting the future generations. After all, they are the leaders of tomorrow, who will take charge of the industries we know and love.


4. Charitable Causes

We pride ourselves on being a ‘glocal’ company: despite being a global business, we “think local”, and extend support to communities worldwide – particularly those local to our sites across the globe. Additionally, this ‘glocal’ approach to business has inspired our many charitable projects.

For example, our employees are directly involved in CSR activities promoted by the management. In fact, everyone at BKT takes part in local community projects including blood drives and the annual Mumbai marathon. What’s more, over the last several years, we have supported the Make a Wish foundation, a non-profit organization that grants wishes and dreams to children with terminal illnesses or who are suffering from serious health issues. The aim of the project is to help young patients regain their smile.

These are concrete examples of our commitment towards building a better world, and small steps for Growing Together, which has always been a key note of our corporate philosophy and all our corporate decisions. We are inspired by the concept of the three pillars of sustainability: People, Profit, and Planet. The perfect blending of these three elements is essential for any large enterprise: realizing profits while preserving environmental resources and people. At BKT, we passionately believe in the importance of giving back. So, watch this space - we have so much more to give!



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