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10 Tips For Maintaining Your Tires in Autumn

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The days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer, which can only mean one thing… it's time to get smart about maintaining your tires this autumn! So, without further ado, here are our 10 top tips for getting your tires autumn ready.

The days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer, which can only mean one thing… it's time to get smart about maintaining your tires this autumn! With autumnal weather comes the necessity to adapt your daily maintenance routines to ensure your tires run smoothly, and have the longest, fullest life possible! So, here are our 10 top tips for getting your tires autumn ready.

1) Consider the terrain

At BKT, we pride ourselves on our range of quality tires, all of which are fit for purpose. Similarly, you need to ensure that your tires are right for the job, which includes the terrain that your vehicle will be travelling on - whatever the weather. And yes, this includes when the weather takes an autumnal turn. Terrain can be affected by factors such as temperature and rainfall; for example, a tarmac road may fare better post-storm than a muddy field!

2) How old are your tires?

Even rubber can’t last forever! As with most things, your tires will wear (and tear) over time. The likelihood is that your tires will be more prone to damage - and complete failure - after approximately six years. This autumn, make sure you check the manufacture date of your tires, to gauge just how long they’ll be up for the challenge!

3) Seasonal storage

Speaking of tire lifespan… incorrect storage can have a highly detrimental effect on your tires’ ability to go the long haul. Specifically, it is important that you are mindful of how suitable your storage space is throughout the ever-changing weather, particularly in the upcoming colder and damper months. After cleaning your tires, you should always place them in an airtight bag when dry. This is an important step that many miss out, and can prove disastrous if the weather takes a turn! Finally, you must make sure that your tires are stored upright in a cool dry place - dry being the operative word in unpredictable Autumn! Whatever you do, don’t let the rain in.

4) Rotate your tires

While we’re on the subject of storage, we’d also advise that you should routinely rotate your tires, which will maintain even tire wear throughout the seasons. This is especially important as the colder months arrive, as your tires are more likely to be ‘worn and torn’ by the temperamental weather. So, at the very least, ensure that this wear and tear is distributed evenly!

5) Keep proper inflation pressure

It is vital to keep proper inflation pressure all year round, yet this becomes even more crucial as we journey into the second half of the year. This is due to the simple fact that lower temperatures can cause tire pressure to drop. However, so long as you keep tabs on the weather forecast, and routinely check tire pressures, they will be well able to adapt!

6) Examine tire tread

You should always consider your tires’ tread before purchasing, as this can make a distinct difference to the performance of the machine, and its suitability for certain jobs. In autumn and winter, it is more crucial than ever that you regularly check your tire tread. Roads are likely to be far more treacherous in autumnal weather conditions, and the last thing you want to do is risk an accident, due to inadequate tire tread. Check out this guide for more information about the different types of tire tread patterns.

7) Check tread wear patterns

While checking your tire tread, you should also examine the pattern along the circumference of the tire. The penny test is a great way of gauging whether or not you need new tires - and is even more important in the temperamental latter half of the year!

8) Reduce speed and breaking

To avoid tire wear and tear - and, of course, to ensure general safety! - you should try to reduce speed and braking as much as possible, especially when driving on rough, wet or icy terrain.

9) Replace your old tires

This may sound like an obvious one, but many forget to replace their tires when, alas, their prime of life is long over. This goes without saying across all the seasons, however, as previously mentioned, the unpredictable nature of autumnal weather conditions means that it is evermore vital that your tires are functioning correctly, not only to ensure that the job in question will be done, but also to ensure your safety on the road.

10) Follow maintenance recommendations

Finally, it is of utmost importance that you follow the recommended maintenance procedures that are provided when you first purchase your tires. Keeping on top of the regular maintenance - instructions for which you should be able to find in your owner’s manual - will solve maintenance problems, whatever the weather, before you even have them!

For more hints and tips about how to maintain your tires, stay tuned and keep up to date with our blog. Until next time!
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