A day in full swing with our Xtractor drivers

A day in full swing with our Xtractor drivers

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The legendary Xtractor expedition has reached the home stretch. Let's see in this article what our 9 drivers have experienced on their journey through South Africa

Welcome to South Africa! The legendary Xtractor expedition has reached the home stretch. Excitement, thrill and adventure - that is actually what our 9 drivers have experienced on their journey through unexpected obstacles and adversities in the midst of breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and thrilling missions. Amerigo Filippi, Giuseppe Cattaneo, Irene Davi, Marianna Frateschi, Gianpaolo Ricciu, Mauro Maione, Samuele Ratti, Giuseppe Galante and Luca Beccelli: these are the dauntless drivers belonging to the Italian Carabinieri Corps, who have left their cozy homes to drive for 6,000 km along arduous roads and right through the Big 7 and their prying eyes. You are keen on getting to know our drivers, aren’t you?

Live from the starting blocks

Boundless savannahs, unspoiled nature, deserts as far as the eye can see, towering mountains, rocky cliffs, and long and lonely beaches. Caught up between amazement and burning adrenaline, our audacious drivers have reached their final destination driving the bright red McCormick tractors in several completely different environments. They have overcome muddy, unpaved and rocky grounds mastering even the toughest adversity.

But how was our 9 heroes’ spirit like at departure? Dauntless, enthusiast and conscious of their skills, they did not fear any danger. Amerigo Filippi, Captain of the Commando Force Unit for Forest Protection states: I am definitely not afraid of the 6,000 km distance, I am more worried about the long queues I have to wait when I am in town. An adventurous journey is when dealing the unexpected is hard at the beginning but representing an enrichment in the end.  In South Africa, I will be a rhino, an animal I respect and love.

Travelling not only to watch, but also to live an exciting piece of live, to describe a part of our world, and to discover cultures we have never met before. This is the idea that moved Marianna Frateschi, Marshal of the Commando Force Unit for Forest Protection: “I’m expecting thousands of feelings from South Africa because I love travelling to discover new cultures and exotic places. From the top of this tractor, I will have the opportunity to watch different and amazing landscapes, and all the animals living there.”

Yet, the purpose isn’t travelling but learning something new. You can do this in manifold ways, but if we choose a journey, then discovery is not limited to seeing and watching, but also extended to experiencing and living an endless variety of landscapes, getting involved to bear and keep them in both our mind and heart. Biodiversity is the key word for Giuseppe, Ordinary Marshal of the Commando Force Unit for the Forest Protection: “In Italy there is plenty of biodiversity, and I am sure that we will find the same profusion in the several places we will visit throughout South Africa. Undertaking an adventure means moving towards something new, unknown and sometimes even difficult and unpredictable to deal with. In South Africa I will be an elephant, since this is a huge animal with a highly developed hearing and smell. So, watch out.” 

Last but not least, among these 9 dauntless hearts, there is also someone like Gianpaolo, who cutely tries to reassure his mum: “My Mum said: “Son, 6,000 km are excessive, take care!” I answered: “Mum, don’t worry! I’m sitting in a bell jar!” - They asked me to choose one out of the Big Five. Well, I am a lion, you can see it from my mane!”

And now that our Fantastic 9 have reached the finish line, the question is: has Xtractor met their expectations? To know it, follow us on our official social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn – and on our website http://xtractor.bkt-tires.com/.


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