BKT high-performance tire range for spraying and weeding 1

BKT high-performance tire range for spraying and weeding

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The BKT tire lineup for spraying and weeding offers a large variety of products for several usage: each solution can be mounted on specific types of equipment, each of them performing different operations, on different terrains and above all for different purposes. 

Crops require diverse operations to be handled within spaces of very different sizes and conditions. The equipment’s maneuvering space must be facilitated by a suitable tire. The choice of tires also depends on the type of land where the crops are growing, and another important variable is the equipment itself. 

Accordingly, BKT tires for spraying and weeding respond to the most diverse applications for a variety of farming machinery and are available in numerous sizes. Key products are:

  • AGRIMAX SPARGO developed with VF technology that enables to carry heavy loads at a lower tire pressure. Excellent traction, driving comfort and stability are also the features of this multifarious tire, which can be used both in the fields and during road transfers.
  • AGRIMAX RT 955 offers optimal stability, excellent traction and best self-cleaning as well as continuous contact with the ground. The rounded shoulder has been specially conceived to protect the soil and delicate crops from damages.
  • AGRIMAX RT 945, is specially developed with a narrow tread to protect the yield and not to damage the crops. Thanks to its self-cleaning properties, the tire is ideal for road transfers.
  • AGRIMAX RT 855 is perfect for row crop spraying in addition to combined road and field transport enabling hence frequent transfers. This radial tire combines high load capacity with excellent flotation performance.
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