BKT meets Stefan Ranch, “The tire nerd”
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BKT meets Stefan Ranch, “The tire nerd”

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Meet Steven Ranch: Swedish farmer and connoisseur of BKT products. In today's story, Steven discusses his legacy 'Ranch of Sweden AB', and how he has ploughed the pathway to success with BKT's trusty tires!

A Swedish farmer, a tire and rim expert, a pressure freak and above all a connoisseur of BKT products. His company embodies everything around modern agriculture including topics like pink quotas, biological production, and the handover from generation to generation.


South of Sweden, in Tystberg is where we can find the “Ranch of Sweden AB”, a 700 hectare farming company owned by Stefan Ranch. He and his family built the only farm in Sweden to produce biological Camelina seeds and oils. Camelina is a strong, resistant plant that does not need crop protection products.

However, in order to produce Camelina, it is necessary to reduce soil compaction: “I have always been a true passionate about tires, rims, and pressure. I am aware of the difference they make, but I think that most farmers don’t pay enough attention to soil-compaction. We must be more sensitive and protect our soil” says Stefan. Gripen Wheels, the Swedish distributor of BKT products, helped Stefan find the best solution for his needs. The solution they chose was AGRIMAX FORCE, the most popular BKT product designed for high-power tractors over 250 HP. Thanks to IF technology, AGRIMAX FORCE operates at a lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire at the same load. Moreover, it enables the machinery to benefit from a larger contact patch, extraordinary flotation capabilities and a uniform weight distribution at low pressure.

“Soil protection is like reputation: it takes years to build and protect it, and just a few seconds to destroy it,” says Stefan. “AGRIMAX FORCE is perfect in this sense. I have chosen it on Gripen Wheels’ advice because I had to fit my new tractor that was heavier than the previous one. I wanted to work at low pressures, at 0.5 bar per tire so that they could withstand a much heavier tractor using the biggest available size: 900/60 R 42. I am really satisfied; these tires are comfortable to drive. I’d say a smooth ride both on the road and in the fields.”

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