BKT obtains “DLG-APPROVED” quality mark: AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires stand out in field and laboratory tests with winning results

BKT obtains “DLG-APPROVED” quality mark: AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires stand out in field and laboratory tests with winning results

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The independent German testing institute DLG awards the DLG-APPROVED quality mark to BKT's AGRIMAX V-FLECTO VF 650/65 R 42 and VF 540/65 R 30 tires.

Reduced soil compaction, decreased fuel consumption, self-cleaning capability, and ease of use: these are the aspects that have proven to be winning factors. This led the independent German testing institute DLG to confer the DLG-APPROVED quality mark to BKT's AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires, thanks to their incredible performance demonstrated in field tests.

As a global leader in Off-Highway tire production, BKT thus secures a significant recognition that applauds the capacity of AGRIMAX V-FLECTO to meet the demanding requirements of technology and performance for high-power tractors. Particularly, the two AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires in sizes VF650/65 R42 and VF540/65 R30 achieved outstanding results in DLG test modules "Resource Conservation" and "Ease of Use," both conducted in the field."

During the testing process, the AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires underwent rigorous examinations on Fendt 724 Vario (Gen6) and Fendt Vario 828 tractors. Field tests involved assessing the tire footprint area and ground pressures at various depths, ensuring precise measurements of the impact on the terrain and soil compaction.

Simultaneously, laboratory tests delved into evaluating tire performance concerning traction, fuel consumption, and self-cleaning properties. This combined approach allowed for a comprehensive and accurate assessment of tire performance under various operational conditions.

What's impressive? Throughout the field and laboratory tests, the tires demonstrated a wider ground contact area, resulting in reduced contact pressure and subsequently, lower soil compaction. With an inflation pressure of 0.6 bar, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO showed a 16% lower ground pressure compared to other tested tires— including premium and budget brands— and the shallowest ground footprint. This outcome led to a significant reduction in soil compaction, which is crucial for sustainable agricultural practices.

By using BKT tires, the fuel savings are notable. When compared to the least efficient VF tire among competitors, BKT tires exhibit approximately a 5% reduction in fuel consumption. Considering that plowing a hectare of land takes about 2 hours and a typical workday spans 8 hours, up to 15 hectares can be worked on per day. This implies that AGRIMAX V-FLECTO enables savings of nearly 15 litres of fuel per tractor daily.

Multiplying this fuel savings by the working days in a year result in a significant economic advantage, particularly for contractors operating multiple machinery. For instance, with 30 machines, the savings would amount to 15 litres per day per tractor, totalling 450 litres per day for the entire fleet of 30 tractors. At an average fuel cost of 1.80 euros per litre, a daily savings of 450 litres translates to 810 euros per day. When multiplied by the number of working days in a year, this figure can lead to a substantial annual saving for a contracting company managing a fleet of 30 tractors.

Wait, there's more! These tires are not just about performance. The AGRIMAX V-FLECTO's exceptional self-cleaning ability stood out during operations, demanding less maintenance time, and increasing operational efficiency. In conducted tests, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO collected the least amount of soil compared to competitors, boasting an 8% advantage over the nearest competitor and a staggering 126% less soil collected compared to the least performing tire. This feature not only enhances productivity but also helps keep roads cleaner when vehicles are transferred between fields, contributing to compliance with regulations on public road cleanliness.

"Our commitment to research and development of cutting-edge solutions is evidenced by the outstanding performance of AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, representing the pinnacle of our vision. The reduction in operational costs and the positive environmental impact stem from technology that addresses the present and future needs of modern agriculture. We will continue to strive to ensure that our tires are synonymous with excellence and offer invaluable added value for our customers worldwide," commented Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe.

Curious to delve deeper? You can download the complete report right here.
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