BKT Stories: Herdade do Pigeiro
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BKT Stories: Herdade do Pigeiro

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BKT Stories returns - We took a trip to Portugal to meet the family behind one of the most intriguing farms we’ve ever come across. With roots in the 19th century, this farm has a story to tell.

In the heart of the picturesque municipality of Alandroal, Portugal, lies Herdade do Pigeiro, a family-run farm with a rich history and an enduring commitment to both tradition and innovation. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with Luís Bulhão Martins, the CEO of Herdade do Pigeiro, to delve into his remarkable journey as a farmer, agricultural engineer, and the guardian of this treasured family legacy that spans generations.

For over four decades, he has dedicated his life to the agricultural industry, nurturing the growth and transformation of Herdade do Pigeiro. As a passionate agricultural engineer, he has worked tirelessly alongside his family to oversee the farm's operations and ensure its continued success. The Bulhão Martins family's tradition in agriculture extends back to Luís's grandfather and great-grandfather, both of whom were farmers. Continuing this legacy is a point of pride for Luís, as he carries forward the family's commitment to the land, sharing knowledge, and instilling a deep-rooted love for farming in his son, Afonso.

Intricately connected to the local community, Herdade do Pigeiro plays a pivotal role as a major employer in the region. Their dedication to social solidarity has left an indelible mark, exemplified by the farm's history of providing food to those in need during challenging times. It's a testament to the farm's positive impact on the people and the community it serves.

We spoke to Luis, his son Afonso, and Field Engineer Bruno about their agricultural roots, the importance of sustainability, and how they battle the ever-changing landscape of a busy farm. They’re able to constantly adapt to every situation, using a wide range of BKT Tires - which ensure traction, load capacity, and durability across multiple operations, day in and day out.


Watch the episode here.

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