Flotation tires and Agriculture 4.0, a perfect match 1

Flotation tires and Agriculture 4.0, a perfect match

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Technological advancements in agriculture allow farmers to consistently improve efficiency and business sustainability. Here, we take a deeper look at Excellent Floatation technology and how they can help improve operational efficiency on your farm.

The agricultural industry develops as rapidly as the world. One of the biggest trends shaping the industry right now is Agriculture 4.0, which is all about digitalization, technology, and sustainability. Sounds like something for you and your farm? Then, you probably want to know which agricultural tire you ought to choose for your machinery.

Today, let us talk specifically about BKT’s flotation tires for trailers, a whole range of products which suits the new agricultural era. The flotation feature prevents tires from sinking into the ground and allows them to “float” on top of it. This allows roots to grow properly, since the soil is not compacted by the tires.

The result is less crops damage, less CO2 emissions, and less time spent on the machine. In other words: the perfect match for Agriculture 4.0!


Deep into Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 is not just a trend, but rather,  the only road to the future. By revolutionizing the operations carried out in the field through the use of advanced technologies, the goal is to increase work efficiency and business sustainability, as well as production quality.

Digitalization has reached the farms, and this is at the core of Agriculture 4.0. As a farmer, it is now possible to use technology to ensure automatic collection, integration, and analysis of data directly from the fields. The valuable data can be used to make decisions that ensure environmental sustainability, increased performance, and cost-efficiency.

Agricultural tires, as well as the whole fleet of machinery and components used, is at the heart of this revolution. These instruments are key to meet the new production and sustainability challenges through advanced technology and design.


Flotation, traction, grip, and flexibility

Flotation tires are designed not only to reduce the impact of the machinery on the ground and to prevent soil damage; these products also provide great traction, even in bends and when maneuvering. Their tread design allows great grip on any kind of terrain, fuel savings and optimization of field operations.

Another key feature of these tires is their flexibility, which allows farmers to move without problems over long distances and on different terrains. In other words, flotation tires are suited for a wide range of operations in the fields. And on the road, too.


Coordinate your tire footprint

Which tires are most important – tractor tires or trailer tires? The answer is both. Thus, choosing the right tire is important in all cases. All machines and equipment that are on the field will affect the soil, and it is important to reduce their impact as much as possible.

It is therefore essential to select specific tires for tractors and trailers that have a coordinated footprint. Combined, these will make your agricultural job more sustainable and effective at the same time. They will open the door to Agriculture 4.0.

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