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From the soil to your house

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Introducing Angelo Calligari of Azienda Agricola Crocetta. He tells us of his joyful experiences with BKT tires, and how they transform day-to-day life on the tractor! Are you looking to carry heavy loads while maintaining a lower inflation pressure? Check out AGRIMAX-FORCE today.

Azienda Agricola Crocetta was founded 85 years ago by Angelo Calligari’s grandfather. Milk production is at the core of their business and all farm activity is directed towards this goal.


"I must say that the tractor has a good handling. You can see that the tires are sliding a lot while rotating but the tractor’s power remains unchanged. In my opinion, it’s right the transmission of the engine power that is excellent. The tractor has 400 horsepower with the wheels on the ground: I mean, we don’t lose any power, we don’t lose any speed, and the tire behaves great on the soil.

Angelo Calligari chose AGRIMAX FORCE for his tractor.

AGRIMAX FORCE is a radial tire designed for soil tillage, haulage and harvesting applications with high-power tractors and harvesters. Thanks to its IF technology, this tire can carry heavy loads with a lower inflating pressure compared to a standard tire. AGRIMAX FORCE features a reinforced bead and provides enhanced traction, top self-cleaning properties and fuel economy.

"Quite a nice feature of these new tires is the IF technology. This means that you don’t need to change the inflation pressure for the different operations, whether they are in the fields or on the road"


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