Growing together with the new DEUTZ-FAHR tractors

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BKT is an original equipment supplier for DEUTZ-FAHR tractors. The best BKT tires of the Agrimax range will equip the brand new 6, 7 and 9 tractor series.

For sure you all know that we at BKT are committed to “growing together” with our partners. What does this mean? Well, it means that we stand by your side and scan your needs. Then we do our best to let you have the most suitable tires that help improve your business.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have recently taken an important step forward: we have actually strengthened our solid partnership with SDF. So, it’s a great pleasure for us to announce that BKT is an original equipment supplier for DEUTZ-FAHR tractors.  The best BKT tires of the Agrimax range will equip the brand new 6, 7 as well as the 9 tractor series – all on display at Future Farming 2016, an important event held in Germany at the beginning of July.

What’s new?

So, what about these tractors?  The 6, 7 and 9 Series are the core of the SDF products in terms of efficiency, high productivity, cutting-edge technology, comfort and design. They’ve been developed to satisfy every farmer need in a large number of applications and, according to SDF, they represent the future of agricultural machinery.

As you know, tractor performance also depends on the quality of the tires.  That’s why DEUTZ-FAHR has relied on us to equip their latest models. They have chosen the best of our Agrimax lineup, the specific range for modern high-power tractors, and in particular our top products Agrimax Force, Agrimax RT 657 and Agrimax RT 765.

9 Series

Agrimax Force, the king of BKT tires, has all qualities to equip high-power tractors like the 9 Series, guaranteeing top performance both in the fields and on the road.

As its name says, Agrimax Force combines force, productivity, flexibility, and resistance. Thanks to the IF technology, this tire can carry loads at lower pressure compared to a standard tire, minimizing soil compaction and allowing to pass from the field to the road without the need of changing the tire inflation pressure.

Other features like traction, self-cleaning and fuel economy make Agrimax Force the king of the fields, i.e. the perfect tire to equip high-power tractors in every condition, from haulage to soil tillage applications.

6 and 7 Series

Agrimax RT 657 has been chosen to equip both the 6 and 7 Series thanks to its main features: resistance, comfort and extraordinary grip! It is a versatile tire that can be used for many different applications both on the road and in the fields: soil tillage, transport, and even vineyard harvesting. Traction, driving comfort, high load capacity, speed, and maneuverability are its strengths. Moreover, it guarantees minimum soil compaction and low fuel consumption, reducing operating costs too.

Last but not least, our Agrimax RT 765 will equip the DEUTZ-FAHR 7 Series. It is the perfect tire to face soil tillage and road travel applications, ensuring outstanding driving comfort. Like other tires in the Agrimax lineup, Agrimax RT 765 has a large footprint that improves traction without affecting the ground. Furthermore, its new-generation compound makes it particularly suitable for operations under the harshest conditions where cut and wear resistance is required.

This partnership with SDF makes us very proud of our job and especially of our R&D department. It confirms that we have been developing premium tires that perfectly satisfy modern farming needs.

We are committed to work side by side with our customers to fully understand every aspect concerned and all issues in order to provide the best possible solutions. If we keep on sharing experiences, skills, and emotions with you, we will for sure succeed and grow together.

So, what do you think about it? Take a look at the brand new DEUTZ-FAHR tractors featuring BKT tires on our gallery.

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