Harvest time with highly performing BKT tires

Harvest time with highly performing BKT tires

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Summer season right now! Which are BKT’s best tires for combined harvesters and trailers? Let’s find out!

In many areas, it’s summer season right now! Landscapes bloom in warm shades of gold, and spikes are at the peak of ripening. Like every year, fields have become the main stage for harvesters. All farmers and swarms of seasonal workers are ready for the traditional rite of harvesting, the crowning moment after months of patient and committed operations. Especially in view of these activities, which in many places have already started in mid-June, what you need are reliable and highly performing tires so that you can do you job fast and with all comforts, ensuring at the same time best soil protection! So, the question is: Which are BKT’s best tires for combined harvesters and trailers? Will they be able to protect your most valuable resource - a fertile and healthy soil? Let’s find out straight away!

Top harvesting and transport operations with BKT tires

Ready to discover BKT’s aces up the sleeves for harvesters and trailers? Here comes Agrimax Teris, the perfect tire for combine harvesting equipment, and Ridemax FL 693 M, the ideal tire for field-to-road transfers and transports. Let’s take a closer look at their features!

Agrimax Teris is the number one ally for high-power harvesters and spreaders. It’s a radial tire that can withstand heavy loads without damaging crops. Its secret, you ask? Delicacy along with excellent traction and reduced soil compaction. All qualities that are essential requirements in modern farming.   

This tire features an extraordinarily strong and robust steel casing and a wide footprint to ensure high load capacity even at low inflation pressure, enabling best flotation on any kind of terrain. All these qualities stand for the deepest care for both the land and the crops along with high yields. An extra plus is the outstanding resistance against cuts, impacts, and any kind of strain due to stubbles along the drive. The special sidewall design definitely protects the tire from damages.

And what about after harvesting? The harvest needs to be moved from the fields to and over the road. Here comes into play Ridemax FL 693 M. This tire is part of the BKT flotation lineup and has been specially designed for agricultural trailers, tank trucks and spreaders. It is a must for daily road transfers and combined usage. Mainly developed for road use (75%), this tire provides excellent driving comfort in addition to best self-cleaning properties. Thanks to a D/E speed index, Ridemax FL 693 M can easily reach up to 65 km/h.

All these strengths go along with fuel economy, low rolling resistance, and increased durability. As a result, Ridemax FL 693 M is the perfect tire that makes you save time while increasing productivity in combined road-field usage.                                                                                                     

For harvesting operations, all tire requirements turn around flotation, delicacy and care for crops during operations in the fields. Both Agrimax Teris and Ridemax FL 693 M guarantee best handling for your harvesters and trailers, making operations more efficient and fast.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best for your harvesting operations! Find out more on the BKT website!

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