Having a chat with ... Landforming to Perfection 1
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Having a chat with ... Landforming to Perfection

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Today we are showing you our OTR tires at work: let's see how Earthmax SR 30 fared in the land of kangaroos!

Back again with our customary monthly posts including interviews with our customers. We’ll recount your BKT user experiences.

Today’s topic is OTR tires, specifically, the Earthmax SR 30 series. Let's see how it fared in the land of kangaroos!

That's right ... we are going to take you far away to Australia and introduce you to Alex Tounzis, founder of Landforming to Perfection, a company specialized in earthmoving, land clearing and leveling operations for civil and agricultural construction.

Landforming to Perfection is as a benchmark in the sector that understands the work dictated by the Australian terrain, known for its rugged and hard-to-break-up soil. The company provides rapid and effective solutions, using one-of-kind machinery. These are the secrets to their success.

Of all the machinery available, the one vehicle that stands out is the scraper, the real “rock star” of Landforming to Perfection. "It is a special vehicle that allows you to move large amounts of dirt, speeding up the leveling process", explains Alex Tounzis. ”The ability to carry heavy loads is an essential requirement that we seek out not only in our machinery, but also in our tires. We demand tireless, tough, and, of course, top performing tires that can meet the Australian soil challenges."

And so while they were shopping around for the perfect tire, the staff at Landforming to Perfection met Earthmax SR 30, the radial tire designed specifically for articulated dump trucks and wheel loaders. "It was love at first sight,” tells Alex. “We chose the SR 30 because of its technical features, excellent traction and resistance. It has been the perfect solution for our scrapers!”

Let’s get into the details. What are the Earthmax SR 30 features that Alex most appreciates?

  • The All-Steel radial tire with its multi-ply steel-belted casing offers even load distribution to the ground, making the tire stronger, more durable and longer lasting;
  • The particular non-directional rigid block pattern provides excellent traction and handling under any conditions, including muddy terrain;
  • A special compound makes the BKT tire resistant to tears, punctures and high temperatures: the tire easily disperses heat and reduces the wear and tear.

But the story does not end here. Alex has also been impressed by the support he received from Tradefaire International Pty Ltd, the BKT distributor for Australia: "Their work goes far beyond the sale of a tire - their consulting services and assistance has definitely increased the value of all products.”

“Thanks to BKT, we work more efficiently by obtaining exactly the same performance levels without wasting time. After testing the tires, I can say that the SR 30 series’ reputation stands up to its name in Australia. BKT has done their very best for earthmoving operations even on the roughest and most demanding terrains. Top marks!"


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