Having a chat with...Feuersträter Landtechnik 1
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Having a chat with...Feuersträter Landtechnik

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Let's meet Hubert Feuersträter, the CEO of Feuersträter Landmaschinen GmbH, who chose BKT tires for his work.


For this month’s Client-around-the-World interview, we are taking you to Germany, into the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the East of the country to be precise, where we met Hubert Feuersträter, the CEO of Feuersträter Landmaschinen GmbH. Here’s what he had to say!

We caught up with Mr. Feuersträter in Beelen, a city between Münster and Bielefeld, where the company houses its farming machinery dealership outlet. Feuersträter Landmaschinen GmbH, a family-owned business with more than 150 years of experience across five generations, employs around 35 people that work at the Beelen and Everswinkel sites. The company is proud of its accomplishments, considering that it all began almost two centuries ago in the small shop of a blacksmith!

Today, Feuersträter Landmaschinen GmbH offers not only a vast selection of agricultural machinery, but also a wide range of services for professionals and operators in the industry: from the sale of tires, to consulting and after-sales follow up, to service and maintenance support.

Following Bohnenkamp’s advice, our distributor for Germany, Hubert Feuersträter decided to take a chance and give BKT tires a try. Initially, the top quality-price ratio was the real motivating factor behind his decision. But as time went on, customers began expressing their approval of the products via rave review postings of the tire performance. BKT was confirmed.

"Every year we sell and mount a massive number of tires," Mr. Feuersträter says. "And today, we offer more and more BKT products in our portfolio because we are confident our clients will experience an extraordinary level of satisfaction.”

And, when it comes to satisfaction, Mr. Feuersträter is referring primarily to the number of claims reported. For the company, a good product is one that is sold at a reasonable price and is not a frequent cause of complaint from end users. We think that this product description perfectly fits BKT tires – don’t you agree?

The perfect tire? Not only a question of price

For its tractors, Feuersträter Landmaschinen GmbH has chosen BKT tires including Agrimax Force and Agrimax Fortis. Why have they proven excellent for farming professionals? Here are the reasons:

  • Heavy loads at low pressure: these tires can carry considerable loads throughout the fields without damaging the soil, and evenly distribute the weight to the ground;
  • Driving comfort perceived by end users while operating both on the road and in the fields.

These plus points, heralded by the Feuersträter clients over long periods of time, combined with the reduced amount of after-sales claims, were enough for the CEO to consider BKT products a winning choice for the success of their business.

According to Hubert Feuersträter, in fact, the convenience of one brand over another in terms of price cannot be the only factor when it comes to choice. Everything is relative - a tire which costs less but is not able to guarantee satisfactory performance cannot be considered a good investment at all.

More importantly, a company like Feuersträter Landmaschinen GmbH considers and evaluates long-term performance. "The tires that I purchase and recommend to my customers must be able to perform for the maximum number of hours possible and must not be subject to claims. The manufacturer to whom I am referring must give me proof of its ability to keep its promises in terms of product performance and durability. BKT has proved itself time after time. Actually, we could not be more satisfied!"

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