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Having a chat with…Nodari

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Today we are telling you the story of one of our customers: Martino Nodari, a farming service provider in Italy. Let's discover his experience with BKT tires

Dear friends, welcome back!  Our today’s post is about one of your fellows. It’s the story of one of our customers: Martino Nodari is a farming service provider in Italy. He and his brothers own the company Azienda Agricola Nodari that offers services to third parties including the rental of farming machinery. An important part of their business is the transport of bioliquids and biogas.

Even though the company´s core business is the transport (both in the fields and on the road), Nodari’s equipment fleet includes numerous tractors and towed farming equipment such as trailers, tanks and spreaders. In this context, of course, choosing the right tire plays an essential role. Sure, if you have to face so many miles or kilometers and so many operating hours, you need first-class products featuring high quality, long durability and a competitive price.

“Over the years working in this business, we have tried and tested several tire brands, finding out that there are excellent and less advantageous products. So, little by little, we have developed preferences for some products compared to others,” tells Martino Nodari. “Actually, it was by chance when we first got to know BKT and its products. Anyway, once we had tried them on several means, it turned out that there was a clear advantage compared to competitors: a long tire life along with competitive prices and an hourly cost, basically, cut into half.”

Up to 10 years ago, for companies like Nodari providing farming services to third parties, the major cost factor was labor. Today, instead, there is more attention to costs in relation to machinery, maintenance and tires. By optimizing these three elements, you can create a benefit for the company in terms of higher profit margins.


“Speaking about tractor tires, we have tested Agrimax RT 765 and Agrimax Fortis so far, mounted on the front and rear axle of one of our high-powered tractors, respectively. What can I say? We are really satisfied. Performance while plowing is astonishing: No jolting or skidding, best driving on wet terrain, remarkable speed (even 15 km/h) along with great gentleness to the soil and excellent self-cleaning features - not bad for road travel.”

High-powered tractors are followed by trailers. For this type of equipment, the farming company Nodari relies on BKT as well, expressing a high level of satisfaction.

“Many of our tankers and spreaders have Ridemax FL 693 M fitted on.” Nodari says.

The high load capacity without any sign of settling offered by this pattern is a great advantage for our job. You see, we had these tires fitted on a tri-axle tank trailer carrying about 35 tons – and they reached not less than 25,000 km of service. An amazing result we had never seen before!”

Our tires have passed the test at the Nodari farming business with merit. That is why the Nodari have decided to rely on our tires also in the near future, when they'll have to buy new Row Crop tires to fit on their harvesting equipment for vineyards and orchards!

Stay tuned… we'll tell you how the story goes on!


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