How can smart farming increase your yield?
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How can smart farming increase your yield?

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Can Smart Farming be the key for a more efficient food production and optimized crop yields? We are talking about this today on our blog.

We’ve already talked on our blog about Smart Farming, and today we’d like to spend a little more time on this topic. A topic that is of common interest for all operators in the sector, since it concerns the future of agriculture.

According to FAO, there will be 9.6 billion people on earth in 2050. Food production must increase by 70% - despite the limited availability of land to be tilled, the growing demand for fresh water, and other less predictable factors such as climate and seasonal changes, as well as a varied life cycle of plants and animals.

The best way to face these needs and increase the quality - and above all the quantity - of yield is adopting technological awareness campaigns to make farms smarter and more connected businesses thanks to the so-called precision farming, also known as Smart Farming.

Smart Farming is based on integrated modern technologies: GPS, sensors, drones and big data – the purpose is that of optimizing crop yields. The underlying idea is to create systems based on ICT technologies that are able to collect and elaborate data in real-time including all information about cultivation aspects in order to support farmers’ decision making.

What makes Smart Farming an innovative activity is the role of the IT systems. Smart Farming turns into a concrete concept - especially since it is possible to collect the several pieces of information and data deriving from different farming operations. These include soil assessment, cultivation processes, breeding health and genuineness monitoring, chemical product composition, and real-time product monitoring during transport, leading to the possibility to offer consumers all detail on every single product to be marketed.

Accordingly, a Smart Farm is a farming business that operates and makes choices on the basis of an internal and external business information network that offers a reference data history and uses the data collected for prediction models. This technique allows for better pursuing corporate strategies aiming at enhanced efficiency of the production systems, energy savings, a low environmental impact, biodiversity protection, and the quality of the produce.

The most interesting innovations over the last decade concern soil management in order to avoid soil compaction, research in major precision of single operations as well as automation of some farming operations.

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