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How comfortable is your seat?

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Having a comfortable seat is a determining health factor and improves the quality of your work. What makes a perfect tractor seat? Let's find out together!

Did you know that your posture can influence your work performance? This is especially true for many of you farmers out there who spend many hours driving tractors with uncomfortable seats in all weather. Being constantly bounced around and subjected to shocks due to the rugged terrain takes a toll on you. Having a comfortable seat is a determining health factor and improves the quality of your work. What makes a perfect seat? Let's find out together!

1. Adjustment

Let’s start with your posture: having the correct posture while driving is critical. It gives you optimal visibility and enables you to reach all the controls easily. So, it is important that your seat is adjustable. Always remember to check that the seat is easily adjusted. Easy access to lubricate the seat’s adjusting mechanism is important too.

Don’t forget about ergonomics: head and back rests must properly accommodate and support the operator’s head and back. Even the padding, generally made of polyurethane, must be comfortable yet rigid, in order to properly support back muscles.

2. Suspension

Frequently test the forward/backward adjustment mechanism. Tension should be adjusted according to the driver’s weight. Seat suspension is one of the most important features - it helps reduce vibrations and tremors caused by the vehicle-ground impact.

Protecting your back while riding your tractor is important. That is why the most modern vehicles have installed air-suspension seats fitted with electronic controls reducing low-frequency vibrations and eliminating noise.

3. Optional features

Other than their technical features, tractor seats also differ in their aesthetic and functional aspects, such as heating and ventilation. Some models are equipped with adjustable diffuser-type air-conditioning systems that heat or cool the seat, making the work environment more comfortable. The most modern seat cushionings are made of activated carbon fibers that keep your back dry in all weather. The most advanced fan systems are also available. Other optional features in the cabin include everything from coat hooks to smartphone holders to USB outlets.

4. Maintenance

However your seat, we recommend keeping it as clean as possible. Be careful not to damage the seat, arm or back coverings. If these parts, which tend to wear out quicker, should tear, avoid do-it-yourself repairs that could compromise your posture. Remember that only manufacturers’ replacement parts can guarantee your safety.

How do you take care of your seat?  What measures have you taken to make it more comfortable? Reveal your secrets!

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