How to choose the right tractor?

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Today we are giving you some tips to help you choose the most suitable tractor for your needs, and some features to take into account.

Tractors come and go - like many things. We always hope that our vehicle will stay with us as long as possible. Nevertheless, sooner or later, the H-hour comes out and a wild-goose chase starts: looking for a new tractor often leads to a lot of doubts and hesitations. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable tractor for your needs, and some features to take into account. 

To get the right tractor, don’t forget to…

What are the features you should consider when choosing the right tractor? Let’s take a closer look together:

  • The land size. Before deciding on dimensions and performance of your new tractor, you must consider the extension of your pieces of land and take into account your future needs. How many hectares do you have to take care of? What distances – both on the road and the fields – do you have to cover? Questions like these will make you aware of your priorities and let you make the right choice, increasing the long-term value of your investment.
  • Dimensions and configurations. Nowadays, there are tractors of any dimensions and any kind of configurations you can imagine. Basically, there is a tractor for every specific need. Even on compact-sized vehicles, there are features that in former times you could find on high-power tractors only. The appropriate power level depends on what operations you’re going to carry out with your new vehicle, and whether you need to tow agricultural trailers.
  • Power. Consider carefully the horsepower declared by the manufacturer or seller. There are two parameters to take into account: the braking power and the power take-off (PTO).
  • Comfort and on-board technology. First of all, your new tractor should offer both comfort and safety. What does this mean exactly? The answer is: make sure that the cabin is big enough, check that all the controls are easily accessible, that the seat is adjustable (here you can find some tips on this topic), and last but not least that you have a good visibility of the surrounding area.
  • Customer care. The retailer’s assistance is essential throughout the entire life-cycle of your tractor. Preliminary training and ongoing maintenance are essential for the correct and proper and use of your vehicle.

And what about tires? If you want a truly efficient tractor, BKT suggests its top-of-the-range product: Agrimax Force. It’s the perfect tire for high-power tractors. It features IF technology, which has been further developed by BKT. What does this mean? It’s a technological innovation combining increased load capacity and lower inflating pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size.

All this turns into considerably reduced soil compaction, the main threat to the productivity of your land.

We hope you’ve found our tips helpful. For more information go to our website!

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