How to improve a tractor’s fuel economy?
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How to improve a tractor’s fuel economy?

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A few tricks to reduce tractors' fuel consumption and help you save money and safeguard the environment. Read them here.

Dear friends! In our today’s post, once again we are going to talk about tractors: the number one equipment in agriculture. Thanks to their great versatility, these vehicles are employed all year long operating full of strength, which of course leads to remarkable consumption levels.

It’s nothing new that fuel consumption is one of the major cost items during a tractor’s life cycle. What to do against it? Well, we are going to reveal a few tricks that keep your tank full for a longer time, help you save money and safeguard the environment.

The more advanced and state-of-the-art your tractor, the more it is intended to reduce fuel consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are several elements playing a key role such as using a high-efficiency motor and cutting-edge transmissions as well as optimized systems - from the hydraulic to the mechanical power one.

Tire inflation pressure? A key aspect!

It’s fundamental to choose the right tire that best suits both the type of tractors and the type of land where you are going to operate. Likewise important it is to determine the right tire inflation pressure. Did you know that the diesel fuel consumption of a suitably inflated tire and that of a tire with an inadequate inflation pressure may differ up to 20%?! To establish the right inflation pressure follow manufacturer’s recommendations and ask a trusted tire dealer for advice.

Why to choose a tire with reduced inflation pressure?    

If you use tires that enable you to adopt reduced inflation pressure, you can do your job on any terrain improving adherence on the soil, and hence limiting wastage caused by possible tire slippage. In addition, thanks to a specific tread pattern, some low-inflation tires have a reduced impact on the terrain, diminishing the friction surface - and, as a result, consumption.

BKT recommends… Agrimax V-Flecto

As said before, using the right tire can make the difference in terms of fuel consumption. In other words, if you wish to optimize your tractor’s performance, we recommend Agrimax V-Flecto - a winning mix of technologies to improve your latest-generation tractor’s performance.

This tire actually offers many benefits such as reduced soil compaction and less operating costs along with increased load capacity – all this without any need for buying specific rims or changing inflation pressure when alternating field operations and road transfers.

Agrimax V-Flecto is the first BKT tire making use of the NRO Technology (Narrow Rim Option), the new experimental standard by the European Tire and Rim Technology Organization E.T.R.T.O.. This marking allows for using the recommended rims in standard size instead of special rims, which would be necessary for VF tires of the same size. 

Agrimax V-Flecto has a 10%-longer product life-cycle compared to an equivalent standard tire. Moreover, this tire reduces soil compaction and provides for significant fuel savings thanks to its improved footprint and a larger tread profile.

You can find more information on all BKT products for agriculture on our our website.

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