How to take care of your AG tires – part 1

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Let's find out together a few simple precautions that will make your AG tires last longer.

Everyone knows that fitting your tractor with brand new tires means optimal performance in your daily job: excellent traction, higher load capacity, greater speed and comfort – perfection.

But what happens to your tires after hours and hours of hard work and frequent usage? Normal wear and tear is what worries many of our friends in the farming industry. But, have you ever stopped to think that your tires are wearing out too quickly perhaps because you haven’t taken proper care of them?

Sure, tires that are given the “white glove” treatment are more efficient and last longer…

But don’t worry! It's not too late. You’ll see that just by taking a few simple precautions your tires will last longer!

Check the air in your tires

Having the correct air pressure in relation to loads and specific usage conditions is crucial for proper operation and a longer tire life.

If the tire is overinflated, this could:

  • cause soil compaction, and you all know the negative impact this has on the yield of your crops;
  • lead to premature and uneven tread wear;
  • affect the driving comfort due to more vibrations and bouncing in the cabin.

If the tire is underinflated, this could:

  • cause increased fuel consumption;
  • make driving and more maneuvering harder and more difficult;
  • lead to irreparable damage to the tire casing.

How do I measure the pressure in the tires? First off, the right air pressure depends on several factors: vehicle specs, load and usage.

You can find guidelines for optimum air pressure in the manufacturer’s technical specifications. To get the most out of your tires, we suggest having your tire dealer or tire expert regularly check (every two weeks) the cold inflation pressure (before using your tractor).

More BKT tips? Don’t miss next week’s posts. To be continued...

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