In this job, with good tires, you're already halfway there
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In this job, with good tires, you're already halfway there

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Luca Gabaldo, owner of Azienda Agricola Gabaldo Luca is a connoisseur of BKT tires. This third generation farmer tells us of his long-standing relationship with BKT, and how presently, our AGRIMAX V-FLECTO transforms his tractor's daily performance.

These are the words of Luca Gabaldo, owner of Azienda Agricola Gabaldo Luca in Italy, user of BKT tires and spokesperson for the everyday needs of the industry: from reducing fuel consumption to technological investments. Helping him in his work is AGRIMAX V-FLECTO


This is the story of Luca Gabaldo, third-generation farmer from Bologna who is keeping up the work started by his grandfather. Luca firmly maintains the tradition and around 10 years ago set up his own company, specializing in crops and seeds, cereals and vineyards.

There is always room for improvement because the technology is racing ahead- Luca states - “we are using GPS servo-driven GPS steering systems to streamline time and equipment operation at full capacity. At first sight that might see a significant cost for the company to bear, but later it means real savings.”

Luca uses a tractor fitted out with BKT tires AGRIMAX V-FLECTO

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, improves the performance of latest generation tractors thanks to reduced soil compaction and higher load capacity (+40%) at the same pressure as a standard tire of the same size. It is a product which guarantees at least an extra 10% added to the life cycle compared to its standard equivalent, guaranteeing a marked reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

“Talking of tires, I do rely on BKT’s latest-generation tires. These tires can operate at low pressure and perform well from many different viewpoints. They have a very low noise level and reduced consumption. These tires respond very well, above all in terms of traction and consumption.”

The decision to use BKT arose from the suggestion and advice of Luca's trusted tire specialist: Marabini Gomme di Medicina (Bologna), who discovered BKT's quality thanks to the consultancy of Univergomma, the distributor of BKT agricultural products in Italy.

This, however, is not the first experience between Luca Gabaldo and BKT, their “relationship” dates back to 2010 when the Same 110 HP tractor was fitted with rowcrop tires from the AGRIMAX range made by BKT. Luca discovered their qualities and benefits, above all in terms of wear and tear which reduced considerably, prolonging the life cycle of the product.

Having good quality tires means a lot for us, because it means a saving in fuel and operating times, as well as reducing costs over the years.”


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