Let’s talk about agriculture! | New Global Trends episode

Let’s talk about agriculture! | New Global Trends episode

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It's the final countdown! Our final Global Trends episode is here. Today, we will be exploring the world of agricultural communication and marketing - of course, with insights from industry experts!

How can we communicate the many themes and interests within agriculture? The eighth and final episode of Global Trends explores how important issues in agriculture best can be marketed.

The agricultural sector is a complex world with a lot of stakeholders: from governments and trade associations to public opinion and the entire supply chain. Communicating everything that agriculture represents is not easy.

What is people’s perception of agriculture today? What do they think about the problems linked to climate change and the agricultural sector? Do they have a clear understanding of what is happening in the industry?

In this brand-new and final episode of Global Trends, we dive into the world of agricultural communication and marketing.

Getting beyond stereotypes

It is hard to deny that the public image of agriculture is quite stereotyped, and that it by many is regarded as a conservative sector. Poran Molani, head of Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital in India, joins this episode to discuss why he thinks it is necessary to reveal and communicate all the skills, competences and technologies to the general public, in order to change the current perception of the sector.

- It is a difficult world to communicate because there is not just one message. But we must take matters into our own hands and tackle all the key issues by explaining the truths to the different audiences involved: what can be done, what we need, etc. And above all, agriculture must stop reacting to questions and be on the defensive, it must proactively generate dialogue, says Molani.

Knowledge mobilization

Researchers, farmers, and journalists can communicate with each other, generating dialogue and innovation. The concept is called “knowledge mobilization” and Owen Roberts, professor of agricultural communication at the University of Illinois, points out how social media creates an opportunity for this kind of dialogue.

- Researchers, scientists, and farmers ‘meet’ thanks to social media. I would say that the responsibility for sharing information lies with those who have that knowledge, says Roberts as he visits the newest Global Trends episode.

Agro-tech and smart farming

Technology can certainly be helpful for farmers to manage their many tasks. Riccardo De Nadai is Communication Manager of XFarm, which is an agro-tech start-up that assists farmers to manage their farms in a simple and digital way. He joins the Global Trends episode to discuss agro-tech and smart farming.

- It is essential to raise awareness among farmers about the use of technology and how smart farming can improve their daily work. Communicating the benefits of using technology well is key to increasing its adoption and success, says De Nadai.

Global Trends – creating a community

For a diverse sector as agriculture, it is necessary to use not only the traditional communication styles, but also innovative and unconventional approaches. Jennifer Rauch, Digital Marketing Manager of BKT Europe, joins this last episode to share the vision behind Global Trends.

- We wanted to find an innovative marketing approach that involved people and users, creating a community that deals with agriculture and not just our tires. We also want to give a voice to people, and at the same time be a voice to help communities.

- We also wish to build lasting relationships with industry groups and organizations, and an initiative like Global Trends perfectly achieves this. It is our duty as a brand to initiate dialogue, to encourage the exchange of information and research. Certainly, we will not stop here, and we will always start new initiatives, says Rauch.


Want to learn how to communicate and market agriculture? Watch the episode here!


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