Made in BKT: Agrimax RT 765

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Let us introduce you Agrimax RT 765, our resistant and strong tire for tractors. Your ideal partner for soil tillage, field and road transport, vineyard harvesting, and spraying.

Dear readers, here we are back to talk about another member of the large Agrimax family, BKT’s tire lineup, which provides great comfort and safety, in your daily operations in the fields.

Today, let us become familiar with one of the most appreciated Agrimax patterns, the second most clicked tire on our website. A superstar! Are you eager to know what are we talking about?

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, this is Agrimax RT 765 - the perfect tire for your latest cutting-edge tractors requiring high load capacity. Resistant and strong, it is your ideal partner for soil tillage, field and road transport, vineyard harvesting, and spraying.

A terrific tire! So forceful...but so gentle to your land

It’s like in the fairy tale, where the beast scares at first sight but then reveals to be gentle and kind. The same goes for this tire: it’s strong and resistant, but at the same time delicate and gentle when treating crops. How is that possible? The answer is simple: Agrimax RT 765 has a large footprint that distributes the weight on the ground, reducing soil compaction.

A kindhearted beast with excellent floating features, an essential quality to preserve your yields!

Excellent grip, top performance

The wide contact area on the ground provides optimum traction on any surface, even at full load. That’s possible thanks to the very accurately engineered structure and the innovative tread design - maximizing the yield and ensuring great performance.

Cleaner than clean!

The particular tread design also offers excellent self-cleaning features in any operating conditions. The result is a clean tire (essential during transfers from field to road), improved traction and maximum driving comfort.

Good news! Agrimax RT 765 is now available in many different sizes. Discover them all on our website.

And you, what do you think of our star?

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