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Today we are going to present you the AG novelties we showcased at SIMA 2015: our brand new Agrimax Sirio

Dear readers, farmers and contractors, today we are going to officially present you the AG novelties we showcased a few weeks ago at SIMA, the International Agricultural Business Show, in Paris. In the picture from our stand you can see...our brand new Agrimax Sirio, latest addition made by BKT to the already large Agrimax family.

Like the other tires of this range, also Agrimax Sirio has been designed for high-power tractors over 250 horse power, which can transport heavy loads even at speeds up to 70 km/h.

Let us find out together which features have made our Agrimax Sirio a star at SIMA 2015:

  • Speed and power. Agrimax Sirio has been designed for tractors frequently trailing agricultural implement machinery or other heavy loads. Its power goes along with higher speed compared to tires of the same size: the speed index class E, indeed, means that tractors are able to travel at a speed of up to 70 km/h even if trailing heavy loads. In addition, the new sidewall compound and the enhanced bead drastically reduce the heat generated in the tire at high speed.
  • Stability. Agrimax Sirio has a reinforced casing structure with six polyester belts for best lateral stability ensuring maximum grip both on the road and in the fields.
  • Comfort. We have designed this tire keeping your comfort in mind. The top sidewall flexibility ensures outstanding riding comfort at any conditions.
  • Eco-friendly. Last but not least, the tire ensures a reduced environmental impact. The large contact area provides a uniform footprint on the ground along with less rolling resistance. The result is a clear benefit for the farmer in terms of less fuel consumption and, of course, costs.

Did you have the opportunity to visit us at SIMA? What do you think about our new Agrimax Sirio?

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