Made in BKT: Agrimax Spargo

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Let's take a closer look at Agrimax Spargo, the range of BKT radial tires made for sprayer and row crop applications.

There is one thing our farming friends know too well: every field and each type of crops needs the right agricultural equipment and so the right tire. Just think of vineyards or row crops … how could one of these modern, “giant” and high-powered tractors pass through the rows without damaging crops or the land?

Doesn’t it look like mission impossible?

That is why there are specific means for every application, and that is why we from BKT have developed specific tires that are: high-performing, “slim” and agile for whizzing through vineyards and orchards, increasing your field’s yield and preserving in the meantime the fertility of the soil. Among these tires excels Agrimax Spargo, the range of BKT radial tires made for sprayer and row crop applications.

Featuring the special VF technology, Agrimax Spargo allows for transporting heavy loads at the same inflation pressure as a standard tire of the same size. This way the field’s productivity is maximized whilst the impact on the soil below is reduced.

Also tire design and structure play an important role for the purpose of reducing soil compaction and preserving the crop yield, making Agrimax Spargo a high-performing and at the same time highly delicate tire…what else could one ask?

Agrimax Spargo is a very versatile tire: it provides excellent traction, stability as well as extraordinary riding comfort even at full load both in the fields and during road transfers, where it can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h.

Last but not least you should not underestimate its self-cleaning properties: the special lug design and lug arrangement enable to easily eject possible residuals of dirt or stubbles – quite a useful feature, especially if you frequently travel from field to road or vice versa.

So, what’s up? Would you like to test it in your fields? Visit our website to find out the right size for your sprayer.

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