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Have you ever heard of Agrimax Teris, BKT’s special harvesting tire? Let’s take a closer look at it!

While people enjoy sunny late-summer days in part of the globe, it’s harvest season of several crops for many of our farming friends. This post caters for you: Have you ever heard of Agrimax Teris, BKT’s special harvesting tire? Let’s take a closer look at it!

What has it been designed for?

Agrimax Teris is a radial tire designed for harvesters, spreaders and special harvesting machinery for demanding crops such as cotton plants. Just like other versions of the Agrimax lineup, Agrimax Teris has been engineered for high-power harvesters on extensive fields where they transport very heavy loads.

What are its benefits?

As a general rule, the heavier the weights of both machinery and transported loads, the higher is the impact on the soil. Yet, this cause-effects relation is not always proportional. We are committed to developing tires that are able to support heavy loads without damaging the crops increasing hence your crop yields. This is what we kept in mind when we developed Agrimax Teris. Let us see its strengths:

  • Excellent traction even at full load and at any condition of the land is provided by a special tread design and enhanced self-cleaning features.
  • Extraordinary load capacity with a load index of 184 for size 1050/50 R 32, i.e. a service load over 8 tons;
  • Reduced soil compaction: the large contact patch allows for a better weight distribution on the land along with excellent flotation properties. This reduces considerably soil compaction – the number one enemy of your harvest;
  • Stability and resistance: not only do the reinforced shoulder and casing structure ensure stability but also great resistance against punctures and all types of impacts due to foreign matters, roots, or stubbles in the fields providing a longer tire life.
  • Handling and riding comfort: operators are exposed to heavy strain due to jolts and shocks during harvesting operations. Here, the tire plays an important role being able to attenuate vibrations resulting in improved handling and excellent riding comfort.

New Agrimax Teris IF version

As if these features were not enough – you might find it amazing... In order to further improve the performance of Agrimax Teris, we have developed the new size 580/80 R 34 as IF version especially for applications on cotton plantations.

Speaking of IF Technology, we are referring to a tire’s ability of supporting heavy loads at a lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. Lower pressure means less compaction and higher yields: every farmer’s dream!

The new Agrimax Teris IF version is the response to the needs of cotton harvesting operators who require tires that are resistant to roots and stubbles feature a large footprint providing excellent load and flotation capacity for the purpose of minimizing soil compaction.

Agrimax Teris clearly meets these requirements. Test it on your fields!  

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