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Let's meet for the first time our brand-new and cutting-edge Agrimax V-Flecto tire for high-power tractors starring as world premiere at SIMA in Paris!

Welcome back, dear friends! Once again, it’s time for SIMA, the international agribusiness show in Paris. A few days ago, we told you something about our appearance at the event, disclosing you a few details such as our record booth, - the largest ever with an innovative design, the appearance of a football freestyler who will entertain the audience with his spectacular stunts, and more than 17,000 BKT footballs for free! 

What we are going to do today is to open the exhibition with a bang! Yes, you’ve heard well, remember, there was still a little secret left, and what we are doing now is to let the cat out of the bag: ladies and gentlemen, dear farmers and friends – here is our brand-new and cutting-edge Agrimax V-Flecto tire for high-power tractors starring as world premiere in Paris!

Reduced operating costs, less soil compaction, higher load capacity

Wow, our superstar is no longer a mystery. You can come and see it in a very unusual guise at our stand. Believe it or not, Agrimax V-Flecto has been fitted on a transparent tractor made of Plexiglas! An unusual way to focus all attention on BKT’s new flagship: this tire adds further value to the Agrimax range, improving tractor performance on any type of terrain. Let’s take a closer look!

What are Agrimax V-Flecto’s secrets?

  • Less operating costs. Strength and durability are Agrimax V-Flecto strengths resulting in an at least 10% longer tire life compared to an equivalent standard tire. All this ensures less overall costs for tire management and maintenance, optimizing operating hours and reducing machine downtime.
  • Reduced soil compaction. We’ve already talked about this phenomenon - the worst enemy of your soil and yield. Thanks to an optimized footprint and a 10% larger tread profile compared to a standard tire of the same size, Agrimax V-Flecto limits soil compaction improving yields.
  • Higher load capacity. Agrimax V-Flecto has been developed to satisfy today and tomorrow’s farming needs. As response to these requirements, it maximizes load capacity without changing inflation pressure. While ordinary VF tires carry 40% heavier loads compared to a standard tire of the same size on a wider rim, a “NRO” marked VF tire (like our Agrimax V-Flecto) carries up to 40% heavier loads compared to a standard tire of the same size - but on the same rim.  
  • NRO (Narrow Rim Option) Technology. Agrimax V-Flecto is the first BKT tire adopting Narrow Rim Option  technology according to the recently introduced experimental standard by the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization, E.T.R.T.O. This technology enables to use narrower and not specific rims, compared to those required for VF tires of the same size.
  • Extremely strong and robust casing. Agrimax V-Flecto resists against all kinds of stress even under the most demanding operating conditions. The robustness of its casing makes this tire the perfect solution to cater for the needs of a modern farming business, perfect for being employed in the fields as well as during road transfers. Moreover, the “Bead Protection System” features a special reinforced bead tightly fitted on the rim, ensuring best adherence and constant pressure values under any operating conditions.
  • Comfort. An enjoyable ride and reduced operator’s fatigue are the main advantages of Agrimax V-Flecto. The optimized new lug angle design considerably reduces vibrations and noise level, enhancing safety and comfort both in the fields and on road transfers. Moreover, the special polyester casing enables the tire to rapidly regain its correct shape even after longer standstills. 

What else can we say? The superstar of the upcoming event has many surprises in store. Rendez-vous in Paris from February 26 to March 2, Hall 7 Stand E008! À tout à l’heure!

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