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BKT's flotation line offers a range of agricultural tires for trailers that is suitable for combined field-road applications, resistant, easy to handle and lowers soil compaction. Learn more on our blog!

Our readers who work in agriculture know better than anyone else that farm work is not limited to the fields. We’ll bet that you probably have to take your tractors out on the road from time to time. And as manufacturers we can say that a tire designed to work in the fields doesn’t necessarily perform well on the roads.

All of us at BKT are well aware of this dilemma and that’s why we have created our Flotation line. It offers a range of agricultural tires for your trailers that is suitable for combined field-road applications, resistant, easy to handle and lowers soil compaction.

Today, we’d like to introduce some of our top models which include the tires FL 630 PLUS, SUPER FL 630, FL 630 ULTRA, and RIDEMAX FL 693 M.


Let’s start out with field work. The FL 630 PLUS tire was designed for agricultural use primarily, with 75% of work carried out in fields, equipping sprayers and spreaders.

The reinforced tread protects tires from punctures, and the specific lug design allows easy expulsion of mud and debris, giving you better traction in any conditions.

It is right because of its frequent usage in the fields that we made it “as light as possible” on the ground. Its wide footprint distributes weight evenly and prevents soil compaction, avoiding crop damage.


FL 630 SUPER is extremely versatile and can be adapted and used on any surface. Whether on land or road, it’s a great tire for agricultural trailers that are also used for transportation operations on the road.

Gentle to the soil, thanks to its large footprint that evenly distributes the weight on the ground.

Not only is it lightweight, but also strong and resistant on the road. The steel belt casing provides stability and speed even at full load capacity.


FL 630 ULTRA is the perfect tire for combined usage: 50% field and 50% road. The lug design has been purposely created with a reinforced bead area, making it more durable and suitable for road use.

Its rugged carcass provides excellent traction and stability when cornering and maneuvering. Like other Flotation models, the FL 630 ULTRA tire offers excellent flotation and self-cleaning features.


And the final tire of the day - RIDEMAX FL 693 M. Designed for frequent use on the road and highly valued for its versatility and wide range of sizes. It’s one of the top ten most clicked tires on our site.

RIDEMAX FL 693 M has an All Steel radial structure with steel belts providing maximum stability, resistance, high load capacity and excellent performance.

Its D/E class speed rating and extraordinary riding comfort make it the perfect tire for traveling on the road. Besides, reduced rolling resistance leads to increased fuel efficiency which translates into time and money savings as well as increased productivity for your company!

Still haven’t found the right tire? Stay tuned. In the coming weeks we will present other models in the BKT Flotation range.

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