Meet the Italian farming company I Gelsi
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Meet the Italian farming company I Gelsi

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Speaking with end users, listening to their needs, and collecting their feedback is really precious. That’s why BKT has visited and gathered the testimonial of the farming company I Gelsi, an innovative family business rooted in Northern Italy.

The company stretches over an area of 70 hectares and the cultivation, harvesting and sales of apricots, kiwi and plums are I Gelsi’s core business.
Its main activities are performed within the orchards, by means of sprayers, excavators, mulchers, zappers, trailers, and 15 orchard tractors, which the company has decided to equip with BKT’s AGRIMAX RT 765.

What does the company think about BKT products?

“The strength of BKT tires is their excellent traction. If working in the countryside, this is an essential factor as well as comfort: what BKT offers is unrivalled. I much appreciate the fact that BKT tires are easily available and known by everybody – this is a great advantage that reduces machinery downtime, which is very expensive” has told to BKT Stefano Lanzoni, partner of I Gelsi. “And in addition, the tire’s product life cycle seems to have no end. BKT products last till eternity, and this is how they enable us to sustain less costs. A great advantage for a company!” 

An excellent comment gives BKT the confirmation to be on the right direction.
For BKT any feedback is essential to improve even further and to always give ideal answers to those who rely every day on their tires: the end users.

Watch the interview here:

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