Merlo telehandler TF30.9 and BKT CON STAR: what a combo! 1

Merlo telehandler TF30.9 and BKT CON STAR: what a combo!

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Meet the Scaglia brothers, third-generation farmers and BKT customers. In this blog, hear how the three brothers, Graziano, Paolo and Mauro, navigate the challenges of running a family farm with the help of BKT tires.

Breeding Piedmontese cattle is the specialty of the Scaglia Farm, located near Turin, in Northern Italy. Here, the Scaglia brothers manage 400 head of cattle and take care of a long list of activities including soil cultivation, hay bales' moving and storage and relocation of materials such as manure, just to name a few. 
To face their daily challenges the Scaglia brothers rely on a large fleet of farm vehicles equipped with BKT tires. The owners of Scaglia Farm were introduced to BKT when they chose CON STAR for their Merlo telehandler. This is the tire that convinced them to adopt a wide range of BKT products for farm machinery being used at the Scaglia Farm.
We have had major advantages with BKT. We noticed it especially in the sheds, when moving the manure with our telehandler. This is an essential environment for us, where competitors’ tires had caused slippage. With BKT we observed better grip which gives us more control and safety in this important stage of our work, says Mauro Scaglia, co-owner of the Scaglia Farm, regarding CON STAR.
Cutting-edge vehicles
Running a large family farm and managing all the related activities is definitely challenging. It would be nowadays unthinkable without the help of technology and the support of cutting-edge vehicles. 
That’s why the Scaglia brothers – Graziano, Paolo and Mauro – equipped their farm with a Merlo telehandler. The Merlo TF30.9 model is a multipurpose and versatile vehicle that can be used on different surfaces and in various soil conditions. 
- This is our third Merlo vehicle. We used to have the standard tractor with the front fork, but switching to a telescopic truck is a completely different thing, you can immediately feel the difference, says Mauro Scaglia.
A stronger grip and greater safety
What about the choice of agricultural tires? Choosing the right tire is always a fundamental matter. 
For their Merlo telehandler, the Scaglia brothers chose BKT CON STAR, a tire designed for handling vehicles such as telehandlers and compact loaders. CON STAR shines in any conditions thanks to solid grip, resistance and durability, vertical and lateral stability – even when fully-loaded. 
It was CON STAR which convinced Scaglia to adopt a wide range of BKT solutions.
- As for the tires, they must be comfortable when driving on the road, but also robust and must withstand a good oscillation, especially when we are handling heavy loads at greater heights. By choosing BKT we noticed a big positive difference in terms of sliding; for example, when we move materials in the stable, we feel a stronger grip and greater safety, says Mauro Scaglia.
The Excellence of CON STAR
  • The CON STAR tire ensures great performance in any condition thanks to the strong grip provided by the wide lugs that increase the contact area with the underlying ground. 
  • The “Cut-and-Chip resistant” compound also guarantees resistance and durability, while the diagonal design prevents lateral slippage even when fully-loaded, which is a fundamental feature for this type of machinery. 
  • CON STAR is marked with a load index of 148 in the 440/80 size, which means that it can handle loads up to 5,600 kg without losing stability. Check the CON STAR tire size chart.
Watch the BKT Story with the "combo" BKT and Merlo:
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