That's the finish I'm looking for
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That's the finish I'm looking for

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Matthew Hawthorne, manager of the farming activity at Euston Estate, tells us of the importance of tire durability. Want to learn which of BKT tires are the best fit? Read more!

An estate of 10,500 acres dating back to the year 1650, 6,515 acres destined to ‘in-hand’ farming. Matthew Hawthorne manages the farming activity at Euston Estate and knows exactly what he wants from a tire.
“The three most important features that are required from a tire are durability, cost effectiveness, and reliability.”


"One of the main features I’m looking for is a tire that is durable. So, a lot of the soil here has flint, it’s a really sharp stone, and the durability of a tire is key, because the flints will slice the tires to death, as they are so sharp.

Grown across 700 acres, sugar beet is one of the most important crops for Euston Estate. The machineries working on these fields are all equipped with BKT tires: AGRIMAX TERIS, AGRIMAX FORTIS, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, AGRIMAX SIRIO and FL 630 ULTRA.

AGRIMAX TERIS is BKT’s special tire, specifically designed for harvesters. Excellent traction properties and high load capacity are its essential features providing best performance in all harvesting operations. The special sidewall protection and a reinforced shoulder increase resistance, extending the product life-cycle, also in harsh conditions and if there are stubbles in the fields.

AGRIMAX FORTIS, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, AGRIMAX SIRIO, FL 630 ULTRA are specifically designed for haulage and soil tillage operations. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies, they can carry heavy loads without damaging the crops and the soil, maintaining excellent traction and stability. The sidewall protection, reinforced casing and shoulder extend the tire’s life-cycle, reducing the possibility of damages due to cuts and punctures. Thanks to the tires’ self-cleaning properties, they are suitable for transport both on fields and roads, ensuring the minimization of noise and disturbance.

“That’s the finish I am looking for”


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