Tires and slopes: here come BKT’s tips to deal with that
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Tires and slopes: here come BKT’s tips to deal with that

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Driving a 3-ton piece of agricultural machinery on slopes is a challenge in terms of safety. The risk of rollovers or accidents in certain situations is very high.

Based on the experience in the field, BKT’s team of experts is able to suggest which product best suits the type of operations required. And this depends on inflation pressure, tread, width, structure, footprint, compound, and size. All these details must be aligned with other parameters, depending on the type of equipment on which the tires will be mounted, the type of operations, operating hours and conditions, inclination of the terrain, and so forth.


Tire pressure. 

The recommended minimum pressure for normal conditions is 0.6 bar (9 psi), but when operating on slopes with an inclination of up to 20%, pressure can be increased up to +25% without exceeding the maximum nominal tire inflation pressure value. The pressure is to be increased as to the specific slope. It is hence recommended to conduct a careful analysis of the load distribution. 


Tire tread and size. 

Radial tires have a flatter and wider footprint on the ground compared to conventional tires, thus providing better traction and lateral stability. 

The right tread pattern enhances equipment performance on slimy or slippery grass and enables to roll without damaging the ground on which operations are done. 

As far as the tire size is concerned, tires with a smaller diameter and a larger width are preferable since they guarantee better stability. 


Best BKT tires for applications on slopes are: 

TRAC SUPER, suitable for applications on large surfaces, such as meadows, parks, and wide road transfers. Its steel-belted structure ensures a smooth ride in combination with top traction performance and stability. These features make it particularly suitable for equipment that operates on hills.

AGRIMAX RT 765 - This BKT 70 series tire ensures optimal traction and comfort on all surfaces at any time thanks to its large contact patch. It is suitable for farming machinery operating on light and medium slopes in heavy-duty applications such as soil tillage, field and road travel, vineyard harvesting and spraying, while ensuring reduced soil compaction.

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