Versatility is the advantage of hybrid tires

Versatility is the advantage of hybrid tires

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Hybrid tires are the response to farmers’ needs of using one type of tire that is versatile both in the fields and on the road, that is durable and suitable for different types of surfaces, and that provides great traction, high load capacity, and excellent durability.

For all the situations where farmers need to tackle long transfers on the road, but also field operations BKT offers its hybrid radial tires RIDEMAX IT 696 and RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S).

These tires are ideal because they combine an industrial tread type pattern at the central part and an agricultural tread pattern at the outer part. These products mix the performance and qualities of two different types of tires, bringing out the best of both.

They also offer the option to choose different pressures depending on the surface and can be used at lower pressure values to create a greater contact area on the ground.

In addition, they are also versatile for different weather conditions.
In particular, RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) provides greater traction and better grip thanks to the block tread pattern and it is thus perfect for operations either on dry surfaces or on snowy, icy, wet and muddy terrain - without the need for using snow chains.

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