BKT product profiles: how to read the tire ID card

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To supply our users with clear and complete data sheets and catalogues, we’ve tweaked the product section of our website and made it super easy and intuitive. Let’s see how it works.

When choosing new tires for your equipment, have you ever thought that data sheets and catalogues were too complicated and confusing? Endless charts, tiny pictures – if included at all – only the bare minimum product performance and technical description listings. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clearly written, easy to read catalogue that provides an accurate description of all the product features?

Here at BKT, we thought it was important to supply our users with an ideal tool. We’ve tweaked the product section of our website and made it super easy and intuitive. In just a few clicks, you can find the product you need and learn about all of its features. Let’s see how it works.


Let’s start from the beginning. When evaluating tire options, first and foremost you need a catalogue. Our goal was to make life easier by helping you find things quickly. In fact, the product search modes on our website are very handy to use. You can choose from the following options: 

  • Search by name: If you know the name of the product or the pattern you are looking for, all you have to do is type it in the search box on the top right hand corner of your computer - you’ll have instant access to the complete product profile;
  • Search by type of machinery: Looking for a specific tire to fit your equipment? Whether you’re looking for tires to fit a tractor, sprayer, trailer, or a forklift, reach stacker, telehandler, dumper or loader, or else - on our site you’ll easily find a list of products that were designed to equip your type of vehicle or machinery;
  • Search by application: If, however, you’re looking for a tire to be used for a specific application – e.g. transport, tillage, spreading, container handling, or else – this is the type of search for you;
  • Advanced search: For specific inquiries, you can search for your item by entering the pattern name, the size you need, the rim radius or the tire structure (bias, radial, solid tire).

Whatever your method or search criteria, you will be directed to the product profiles!

The BKT tire ID card

Once you’ve opened the product profile, you’ll see the tire’s ID card displaying the following data:

  • Product name;
  • Pictures: you’ll find one or more pictures showing the product from different angles;
  • Sector and application: a drop-down menu on the left identifies the sector (Agriculture, Industrial, or OTR), the main type of jobs the tire can handle as well as the machinery it can be used for;
  • Product description and icons: a brief description explains the tire’s strengths and a series of icons illustrate the main features. Place your mouse on the icons and discover their meaning: e.g. traction, durability, speed, driving comfort, resistance, stability, low soil compaction, etc.;
  • Sizes: there is a listing of the tire sizes available. We all know tire size is no trivial matter! Let’s see what information is included in the product profile.

Sizes and specifications

Below the icons of the product profile, you’ll find a table that summarizes all the sizes available for that particular pattern and itemizes a series of important data:

  • Size:  tire size according to international standards;
  • LI/SS (Load Index/Speed Symbol): indicators for load (in numbers) and speed (in letters). In these international codes, every number corresponds to maximum weight and every letter to a  maximum speed;
  • RIM REC: indicates the recommended rim size for the tire according to ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation); 
  • SW (Section Width): indicates a tire’s section width excluding prominences such as tire code marking or sidewall lettering;
  • OD (Overall Diameter)*: indicates a tire’s section width at its largest point including all prominences such as tire code marking or sidewall lettering;
  • SLR (Static Load Radius)*: indicates the vertical distance between the ground and the tire rotation axis;
  • RC (Rolling Circumference): indicates the distance the tire travels in one revolution;
  • Type: indicates whether the tire is tubeless (TL) or the type of air chamber mounted;
  • TRA Code: is the Tire Rim Association reference code.

For more specific definitions refer to Reading your tire in the Tire Care & Safety section of our web site.

Clicking on the sizes available opens up a table with guidelines for the tire inflation pressure depending on the load.

In order to offer the most comprehensive service to our users in every part of the globe, you can choose whether to display sizes and specifications according to the international metric system (mm, km/h, bar), or to US standard (inches, mph, psi).

A simple and intuitive system to learn every aspect of our tires at a quick glance. What do you think? Try it out!

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