BKT’s Top Ten: the tires with the most clicks – part 1

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Which tires do you think have the most hits on the BKT site? Let’s take a look at your favorite, most clicked tires that gained entry in BKT’s Top Ten ranking!

The new BKT website that showcases each and every product online has been up and running for months now. Tire features, sizes, and applications are easy to find at any time!

It’s time to add up the tallies and find out what tires are most liked by our visitors. Which tires do you think have the most hits on the BKT site? Agriculture, Industrial or OTR? Let’s take a look at your favorite, most clicked tires that gained entry in BKT’s Top Ten ranking!

Counting down...

10. RIDEMAX FL 693 M

Number ten in our ranking is RIDEMAX FL 693 M. Designed for farming machinery such as trailers, spreaders, and tankers that frequently travel on the road. Guarantees comfort, stability and, of course, high speed as to the D/E speed index classes. Along with a low rolling resistance, all this results into time savings and increased fuel efficiency, which leads to higher productivity for your company.

9. AS 504

AS 504 takes ninth place. This versatile, agro-industrial tire suits tractors and agricultural machinery as well as agricultural or industrial trailers and telehandlers. Its main applications are transport and soil tillage operations. The tire is ideal for muddy grounds thanks to excellent self-cleaning features and increased grip. AS 504 is available in several versions to meet the most specific user needs.


Ranking eighth, our high-end product AGRIMAX FORCE: The perfect tire for high-power tractors combines force, performance and care for the land. Thanks to the advanced IF technology, AGRIMAX FORCE can carry loads at lower air pressure compared to a standard tire, minimizing soil compaction. Other special features include traction, self-cleaning and fuel economy making AGRIMAX FORCE the king of the fields.


Number seven in our hit list is AGRIMAX FORTIS - known for its strength and performance. The tire has been designed for high-power tractors and excels in all preparation, planting and soil treatment operations. It is specially designed to respect the land by lessening soil compaction thanks to its wide footprint and its high load capacity at low pressures. Other AGRIMAX FORTIS features include excellent traction, maneuverability, driving comfort and low fuel consumption.


In sixth position, we find AGRIMAX RT 955, a radial tire for row crop applications. The special tread design with a rounded shoulder provides excellent traction protecting, at the same time, both valuable crops and soil from damage. In a nutshell: outstanding performance with the softest touch.

If you want to know what tires came in at the top of our ranking, stay tuned! Don’t miss the next article!

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