BKT’s Top Ten: the tires with the most clicks – part 2

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Let’s continue our ranking of the BKT tires that received the most clicks over the last few months.

As promised, we are back to finish the job. Let’s continue our ranking of the BKT tires that received the most clicks over the last few months.

Last time, we left off halfway through the list – today we are starting with our fifth place winner.

5. TR 135

Fifth place takes TR 135, the tire created for farming tractors and trailers. Best suited for soil tillage and spraying, even on the roughest terrain. Durable and reliable. Thanks to its excellent traction, stability and self-cleaning qualities, it can handle anything.


One-step away from winning a medal, in fourth place is AGRIMAX RT 657. The watchword for this tire is versatility. It can be used for various applications, both on the road and in the field: from soil tillage, to field and road transport to vineyard harvesting. Traction, driving comfort, high load capacity, speed and maneuverability are its real strengths. In addition to all of these features, AGRIMAX RT 657 guarantees minimum ground impact and low fuel consumption. What else can you ask for in a tire?

3. TR 171

The bronze medal goes to TR 171, the ideal tire for soil tillage applications, also under the toughest operating conditions. The deep tread along with outstanding self-cleaning features provides excellent traction on wet and moist soil.


The silver medal goes to AGRIMAX RT 765. This tire is suited for cutting-edge tractors facing heavy-duty applications such as soil tillage, field and road transport, spraying and vineyard harvesting, ensuring maximum driving comfort. Like other tires in the AGRIMAX RT lineup, the 765 has a large footprint that improves traction without affecting the ground.


And finally, the winner and champion of our ranking - the most sought-after and clicked-on BKT tire by far – is: AGRIMAX RT 855! A tire designed for tractors and agricultural machinery employed in soil tillage and both field and road transport. It provides excellent traction, ensures best driving comfort and has outstanding self-cleaning features allowing for a quick transition from field operations to road usage. Available in many sizes, some are also suitable for row crops, spraying and vineyard harvesting. In short, AGRIMAX RT 855 is able to meet all of our users’ needs!

We have reached the end of our top ten ranking. What do you think? Had you heard of all these products? What is your favorite? We are waiting to hear your comments!

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