The TOTY 2023 challenge has begun 1
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The TOTY 2023 challenge has begun

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The international Tractor of the Year award is back once again! The event has been presenting the exciting new innovations of the agricultural industry since 1998. With a jury of 26 experts from 25 different countries, the winners will be determined on a thorough basis of analysis, discussion, and field tests.

As always, candidate tractors will be competing in three categories:

Tractor of the Year, which is open to all tractors.
Best Utility, for multifunction tractors.
Best of Specialized, for tractors which work vineyards, orchards, hillsides, and mountains.

In addition, all finalist tractors will be automatically participating to the Sustainable TotY 2023 award.

BKT has opened the TotY 2023 kick-off event pointing out the strength of agriculture development and innovation that never stopped despite pandemic.
BKT is proud to support the award as it represents the traditional and groundbreaking event in the European tractor manufacturing industry.
The “place” where new standards are set for the best racehorses in modern farming.

TotY is both tradition and innovation, which are apparently two opposite poles attracting each other. They perfectly melt in BKT’s corporate philosophy to always look at the future, without forgetting ones’ origins and values.

BKT will also be present at EIMA International exhibition in Bologna, where the winners will be awarded in person in the 9th November official ceremony, and will even display their models.

We here at BKT wish all the candidates the best of luck!

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