Tire Safety: Dos and Don'ts

Tire Safety: Dos and Don'ts

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A proper tire maintenance can increase durability, improve tire performance, avoid damages to the equipment, and help you save money. Here are some hints on how to do it best.

Several times we’ve mentioned on our blog the importance of tire maintenance giving some hints on how to do it best. We all agree on the fact that proper maintenance can increase durability, improve tire performance, avoid damages to the equipment, and help you save money. Whether you use agricultural, industrial or OTR tires, correct and regular maintenance can further extend the tire life-cycle. But let’s focus on tires used at quarries and construction sites: stones, rock, uneven terrains are all potential hazards for tires, equipment, and operators.


Here’s a list of best practices to follow and behaviors to avoid when handling your tires:


  • A basic rule to start: regularly check the inflation pressure. That’s the main factor to ensure a long tire service life. Remember that the ideal pressure is provided by the manufacturer, and it can be optimized depending on the load carried and the vehicle speed (always rely on a qualified tire specialist). Check inflation pressure at least once a fortnight, but do it more often if you operate in areas where sudden changes in temperature are frequent. We’ve already told you how temperatures affect tire pressure.
  • Check that the tread pattern is suitable for the terrain you operate: there must be correspondence between pattern and type of operations. Vehicle stability and tire performance can be compromised if the tire tread isn’t suitable for the application. Punctures and other tire damages might be the result. 
  • Rely on a tire maintenance program: regular and daily tire inspection helps you protect your tires and prevents safety problems. Checking the conditions of tread, shoulder and rim, and removing any foreign matters and debris will help you improve performance and increase site efficiency. We suggest you to join a tire maintenance program provided by a qualified specialist ensuring professional, accurate and regular checks. You won’t have regrets, you’ll see.   
  • Supervise operators: many inappropriate driving behaviors such as quick starts, sudden braking, sharp bends and excessive speed can lead to rapid tire wear. Site managers should always supervise the work of their employees. For the purpose of improving performance and optimizing times, they should record all useful vehicle data such as maximum speed, cycle times and carried load. 

… and Don'ts

  • Never underestimate mounting procedures: a set of good tires remains so only if fitted correctly. Not only are badly fitted tires subject to damage and deterioration, they also put the operator’s safety and the equipment at risk. Remember to rely on a qualified tire specialist only, and to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for tire mounting and dismounting operations. Never forget that tires are a precious asset for your business.
  • Don’t fall under appropriate ply rating: When opting for conventional tires, be careful to choose the right tire with the right number of plies that best suits the operations your equipment’s intended for. Once again, we suggest following an expert’s indications to get the best out of your tire and to avoid any sort of misfortune.

BKT suggests the Earthmax series, an extensive radial tire lineup specially designed to favor better load distribution on the ground. It can be fitted on dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and multipurpose vehicles.

The entire Earthmax range features an All Steel structure providing maximum resistance against punctures and the penetration of foreign matters, and ensuring a better weight distribution on the ground.  Earthmax is the ideal response to operating needs on harsh terrains such as those of big construction sites, quarries and mines.

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