BKT at CONEXPO-CON/AGG: The Construction Event of the Year
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BKT at CONEXPO-CON/AGG: The Construction Event of the Year

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CONEXPO-CON/AGG is a renowned international event which connects attendees from all construction sectors. Join us as we give you an exclusive insight into BKT’s involvement this year, and what makes this trade show so unique!

A trip to Las Vegas? Don't mind if we do! BKT was thrilled to be part of North America's largest construction trade show CONEXPO-CON/AGG this year. In today's blog, we'll be exploring the show's history and the ins and outs of the 2023 event - including BKT's own involvement! 

So, join us as we journey off to the world of construction! 



CONEXPO-CON/AGG is an international event that celebrates the construction industry. Exhibitors from around the world showcase new products and technologies; this year, there were 1800 exhibitors in total! 

The event is renowned for connecting attendees from every major construction sector. From dealers to end users, and from engineers to service technicians - you name it! The trade show advocates the importance of involving representatives from every side of the industry, not only to gain perspective of how the sector works, but also to inspire collaboration and community. 

Furthermore, the event isn't purely exhibition-based. There are also opportunities for attendees to network with industry professionals, join team-building activities, and expand their knowledge through exclusive educational sessions. In 2023's event, there were almost 200 sessions on offer: CONEXPO-CON/AGG's comprehensive education program allows contractors, business owners, construction material producers, and end-users to obtain cutting-edge information, equipping them to face today's challenging economy. 

These sessions were segmented into specific groups for ease of access; for example, sessions under the umbrella of 'Earthmoving and Site Development' were grouped together for the benefit of heavy equipment contractors, while the 'Equipment Management and Maintenance' group of sessions was tailored for those interested in the latest fleet asset management and maintenance trends. These educational sessions also covered broader topics affecting leaders and employees industry-wide, from 'Economic Trends in the Industry' to 'Practical Tips for Diversifying Your Workforce'. It's safe to say that attendees left the event feeling well-informed about the industry! 


The History of CONEXPO-CON/AGG 

It all began in 1909. The first ever CONEXPO event took place at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus: back then, it was known as the Road Show of the American Road Builders Association (ARBA). This was the world's first-ever construction industry trade show and became known as 'The Road Show'. Fast-forward to 1975, and it garnered the name we all know and love: CONEXPO. This shift was due to the event's expansion beyond road construction - paving the pathway for the multi-faceted event we're familiar with today, encompassing all areas in the construction sector. 

Several decades later, in 1996, CONEXPO-CON/AGG was born. Since then, the event has gone on to break world records; by 2005, it was renowned as "the largest show ever", hosting over 124,000 industry professionals. 


BKT was proud to be part of this year's action-packed trade show. The event ran from 14 March to 18 March 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees came to greet BKT at our exclusive booth in the West Hall, where we showcased some of our most exciting, innovative products. This included our brand-new 450 X 86 X 55 Rubber Track for Compact Track Loaders MULTIFORCE BK T91 and our impressive Megladon Monster Truck, alongside our range of fit-for-purpose tires. 

We loved meeting you all - and were more than happy to bestow our booth's attendees with top-of-the-range BKT freebies. That's right: an array of BKT-themed gifts were on offer, from baseball caps to pocket diaries, and from Hot Wheels Monster Jam toys to EARTHMAX keychains. Also, two lucky winners took home an exclusive BKT golf bag! 

Our team loved spending the week being immersed in the world of construction. It was both enjoyable and beneficial to meet with fellow industry experts, and explore the innovative products and technologies on display. Not only do we champion any event which brings communities together, but we also echo everything that CONEXPO-CON/AGG stands for. At BKT, we are passionate advocates for diversity and inclusion within our three core industries. In light of International Women's Day last month, CONEXPO-CON/AGG has shown support for women in construction.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG Show Director Dana Wuesthoff spoke on the subject: 

"As North America's largest construction show, we recognize the important and growing role women play in our industry, and CONEXPO-CON/AGG has invited a number of influential women to share their experiences working in construction. 

There's a big need for more people to enter the construction trades and industry. These are jobs that pay solid, living wages without the need to take on large amounts of debt to enter, and we want to encourage more women to explore these opportunities."

After unveiling the world's largest 3D-printed statue of a woman working in construction back in 2020, CONEXPO-CON/AGG continues to be a leading advocate for women making waves within this stereotypically male-dominated industry. Here's to the sisterhood! 



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