Compact Loaders: top features of the latest models

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Small, versatile and essential, compact loaders can be used in any sector and for many different applications offering high load capacity, excellent performance and efficiency.

Small, versatile, essential...that’s how many of our users describe a compact loader. For their dimensions, maneuverability and price these tiny miniature loaders, are among the most requested earthmoving equipment on the market.

Being extremely versatile, they can be used in any sector and for a lot of different applications: from operations on construction sites to material lifting and handling, from road and green area maintenance to demolition, as well as clearing snow, earth and any material.

Let’s discover what’s new in this segment of such small but powerful equipment...what are operators looking for in a cutting-edge compact loader?


The safety aspect is one of the first requirements for any company manager, and it is crucial for compact loaders. Many of these machinery don’t operate in construction sites or quarries as their bigger brothers, but they also work in the municipality sector in urban areas, where the health and safety of people and environment are fundamental.

That’s the reason why the latest models are equipped with video cameras on each side of the vehicle providing a 360° vision of the surrounding space, especially while maneuvering. Moreover, special lights and acoustic signals warn in the presence of a moving vehicle.

Also the cabin has been designed for the operator’s safety and comfort, including: safety belts; an ergonomic seat; plexiglass windscreens enabling the operator to overlook the surroundings as well as limiting the noise; dampers reducing shocks. Thanks to these features you can spend many hours on the vehicle without any discomfort and maximizing productivity.


Working in the public sector and carrying out maintenance operations in the heart of the city requires a great deal of agility for compact loaders. The more compact they are, the better the performance. Reduced dimensions along with strength and stability enable these little giants to load material and move at full load from one site to another, running at a speed of 25 km/h even along urban routes: narrow bends, small passages and reduced operating space won’t be a problem anymore.

Moreover, compact loaders can be easily moved on trailers from one construction site to another, considering their overall height of less than 2.5 meters. As a result, compact loaders have no difficulties to pass over or under bridges that are not accessible to heavy machinery.


Technology plays its part as well: the latest cutting-edge models feature new pneumatic cylinders to facilitate lifting operations. These avoid the sudden stopping of the arm when reaching the end position. This feature makes the loader easier and more comfortable to drive.

Thanks to all these solutions, the operator inside the cabin is better protected against vibrations and bouncing. Even at full load and with the blade lifted, the dampers make the difference by absorbing jolts and smoothing the way even on rough terrains - and safeguarding the load.

One important aspect hasn’t been mentioned yet. Let’s not forget the tires! With the right tire you can significantly reduce skidding on slippery or muddy terrains. This makes loading and transport operations safer and more efficient and reduces tire wear. In BKT, we are well aware of all these aspects. That’s why we have developed different specific tires for compact loaders.

Respect for the environment

As to their wide field of application, compact loaders must comply with strict regulations regarding environmental impact, emissions and fuel consumption.

For instance, a loader used in public places needs to ensure low fuel consumption, low emissions and high safety standards to guarantee not only the operator’s safety, but also that of other workers and pedestrians passing by. Even the noise produced by the machinery is a factor to be considered. When working in settled areas, vehicles must have a low noise level in order to have only little impact on daily life and not to disturb the public peace.

All these features turn the little modern compact loaders into great equipment offering high load capacity, excellent performance and efficiency. Really nothing to envy about big loaders, topping instead with versatility and agility.

What do you think? Which are the ideal features of a compact loader? Have your say!

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