Having a chat with... Cemex Deutschland AG 1
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Having a chat with... Cemex Deutschland AG

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Today, we’d like to show you our tires at work. For this reason, we have traveled to Germany to vist Cemex Deutschland AG to hear what they think of our tires.

We have already spoken about our Earthmax tires: special features, performance, applications and sizes. But today, we’d like to show you them at work. For this reason, we have traveled to Germany to vist Cemex Deutschland AGone of our customers, to hear what they think of our tires.

Ralf Schmidt, head of purchase at the plant Cemex Deutschland AG, has actually chosen our Earthmax SR 45 tires to equip his vehicles. Cemex is a leading multinational company producing construction material. In particular, at the quarry site of Piesberg, the company deals with sandstone quarrying to obtain cement, asphalt, or minerals in general.

Every day, the Cat 775E dumpers of the Cemex fleet transport huge quantities of material from the quarry to the working site. For every travel, they carry up to 100 tons of sandstone! 

"What makes the difference in such an exeptional trasport are the tires," Ralf Schmidt tells. We were looking for new tires to replace those from the dumpers’ rear axis, and the quality/price ratio was essential for us. To make a long story short: when our trusted dealer suggested us the BKT tires, we decided to try them. So, we bought the first four Earthmax SR 45 and twinned them on one of our dumpers’ rear axis”.

How did it go? A great success! A long life and excellent performance in terms of reliability, equal to that of the so-called premium brands. “The first SR 45 we bought were replaced with new ones last summer after more than 2,000 service hours.”, Schmidt continues. “A really amazing result considering the extreme operating conditions we face day by day: sandstone is very difficult to transport. It is very abrasive. This is a very tough challenge for both means and tires.”

It is actually for the hard working conditions why Cemex has chosen Earthmax SR 45. The radial All Steel structure with multi-ply steel belts ensures maximum resistance and stability. The particular lug design provides excellent traction at any condition even on uneven and rugged terrains. The special compound confers resistance against cuts, abrasion and impacts, which can easily occur at extreme operating conditions.

“To be honest, I had some doubts at the beginning,” Schmidt says. “I didn’t believe it was possible to reach 2,000 hours with - let’s say - such “convenient” tires compared to competitor brands. But I definitely changed my mind: the tires are reliable, offer optimum performance and great resistance – all that with an excellent quality/price ratio. Well, I would say a perfect mix. I’m sure we’ll buy others to equip our vehicles. Or well, they told me that the new Earthmax tires SR 47 are coming soon. I can’t wait for testing them!”

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