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Having a chat with… Dal Zotto

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Let's proceed with our worldwide tour looking for user experiences.Today we are visiting Dal Zotto inert substances recycling plant in Northern Italy. Read more here.

Hello folks! And again we are proceeding with our worldwide tour looking for user experiences and testimonials. Our today’s destination is Crocetta del Montello, in the Treviso Province in Northern Italy, where the Dal Zotto inert substances recycling plant is located right on the banks of the River Piave. We are welcomed by the owner Mr. Franco Dal Zotto who takes us around the site and tells us about his 100%-positive experience with BKT tires.

An exemplary company

Arriving at Dal Zotto, one immediately realizes that it is a one-of-a-kind company. An exemplary company one should literally take as an example as far as both their technical approach and their passion in the daily work is concerned. The purchase of the very first excavator by Grandpa Antonio dates back to the year 1957. Since then, growth and innovation have been the daily focus. In the 1970s, business expanded including residential building demolition till 1988, when the company started to exclusively specialize in inert recycling.

The fleet consists in 4-axle trucks, wheel loaders, dumpers and excavators that are all maintained in a perfect state - sign of great care for maintenance, taking out the most out of these assets for their entire life cycle.

Now that we have become a little familiar with our user’s story and history, let us talk about Franco Dal Zotto who has virtually fallen in love at first sight when he met our Earthmax SR 30.

Earthmax SR 30 was like a lightning strike

It seems that Mr. Dal Zotto was struck by lightning when he first met our tire. A love story that started in 2014, when Franco visited the Samoter trade show in Verona for the first time. Impressed and intrigued by the Earthmax SR 30 pattern, the company owner could anything but personally find out this product’s actual performance features. The decision was taken: the wheel loader lifting dust on the square and handling recycled inerts to feed the recycling plant was fitted with this tire, and the initial impression was soon confirmed. Having used our tires for over 8,700 hours on the rear axle, Dal Zotto states a length of time that could easily reach that of original equipment products that are, however, operating on a new wheel loader.

To be honest, Bkt tires have been a great surprise for their quality-price ratio. I am very proud of the product. On the one hand, there is my brother Raffaele who is very satisfied about using the loader fitted with BKT tires. First of all, he appreciates comfort and stability, but also the tires’ sidewall and casing resistance,” Franco Dal Zotto, the company owner, states. On the other hand, it’s me looking at our company figures and in particular the astonishing ratio between durability and price of the Earthmax SR 30 tires. On balance, I must say that I had a sort of intuition when I spotted these tires for the first time. On the job as in life, being a pioneer often pays. Try it yourself!”

Well, what shall we say? This user testimonial seems to be completely positive. And what about you? Have you ever tested BKT tires? Write us your comments, and the next time we might have a chat right with your company!

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