Machinery rental companies offer more than just equipment

Machinery rental companies offer more than just equipment

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Have you ever thought of machinery rental for your company? Over the last few years this type of rental has become a true business strategy. Learn more on our blog.

Have you ever thought of machinery rental for your company? Over the last few years this type of rental has become a true business strategy: it allows companies to enhance and diversify their field of operations without the need for major investments in new machinery.

Let’s take a mobile crane as an example: a piece of equipment used for specific applications and not always versatile. If your business doesn’t need to constantly use this kind of equipment, the best solution is to rent it when you need it. Having pieces of equipment in your fleet that just stand around collecting dust means a huge cost for the company - as you, dear readers, only know too well. 

In these cases, renting a mobile crane allows for optimizing costs and timing. In addition, you always have specific, state-of-the- art and best-performing equipment at hand. Did you know that rental companies are 100% in the service business. Not only do they offer vehicles and machinery, they also provide a large number of services to fully support customers. Which services, you ask? Let’s find out together.

1. Online Fleet Management 

Through the contractor portal, you can comfortably check from your desk the availability of a mobile crane, display the rental terms and conditions, ask a quotation and view the records of invoices and summary reports.

Moreover, by means of the rental companies’ apps you can receive real-time information on the rented cranes: you can monitor the state of your contract, know exactly where the vehicle is located at every moment (if equipped with a GPS system), the number of operating hours, fuel consumption, engine performance and many other useful information.

2. Safety and Training 

Contractors also deal with staff training, in terms of both safety and use of vehicles. At the delivery of the rental equipment, operators generally receive a basic training on proper functioning, controls, set-up procedure and use in total safety.

3. Specialist Equipment

One of the main advantages if you turn to a rental company is that you can have the perfect equipment for each application. No matter what crane features you are looking for, an efficient contractor will be able to meet any needs with their fleet and always offer cutting-edge equipment in terms of emissions, e.g. hybrid or electric vehicles.

4. Social Responsibility

Did you know that rental is also a good way to become more sustainable? As we said before, the mobile crane versions supplied by contractors are always top in terms of latest technology and boast reduced emissions. More efficient equipment means less emission, and - here comes the best - reduced fuel consumption. This is a great benefit for both the environment and your business. Who does not appreciate cost savings?

BKT recommends…AIROMAX AM 27

For mobile cranes at construction sites (among the most frequently rented equipment)  BKT recommends AIROMAX AM 27, a radial tire for equipment that is mainly employed for load handling operations on the road, but also suits perfectly for off-road applications on uneven surfaces. AIROMAX AM 27 can operate at high speed. Thanks to its “E” speed index, it can reach 70 km/h (43.5 mph) at full load, providing excellent stability and maneuverability along with optimum driving comfort.   

Have you ever rented equipment for your business? What was your experience? Tell us your opinion! 

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