Made in BKT: Airomax AM 543

Made in BKT: Airomax AM 543

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What’s the best tire for mobile cranes working in the world of construction? The answer is Airomax AM 543. Let’s discover all its features!

Here we are again, dear friends! It’s time to introduce you to another member of our extended family. Let’s resume our journey through the industrial sector and enter the world of construction where mobile cranes are dominating the scene: strong equipment combining maximum lifting power along with high-speed road transfers.

What’s the best tire for such a demanding environment? The answer is Airomax AM 543. Let’s discover all its features!

Its distinctive traits? Resistance and comfort

Thinking of a construction site, what immediately comes up to our mind are the equipment’s extreme operating cycles. Especially mobile cranes are subject to continuous stress and strain: critical operating conditions require the right tire that is able to face extreme challenges.

So, what makes Airomax AM 543 the right choice?

  • Traction and stability are essential features our Airomax AM 543 offers to ensure maximum safety and performance: the perfect tire when the job gets tough!
  • Heat resistance. Extreme operating conditions require strong and resistant tires able to stand high temperatures and heavy-duty cycles.
  • Comfort. Excellent driving comfort and optimum maneuverability are this tire’s additional features. Together you can face all challenges – day by day.

Does Airomax AM 543 fit your needs? Discover more on our website!

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