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Let's find out more about CON STAR, a tire designed for material handling vehicles including telescopic handlers and wheel loaders.

Today, we are turning our attention to our readers who work with telehandlers and wheel loaders, as we know very well that these vehicles can and should operate in all areas of Industrial & Construction sectors.

We understand the challenges you face - rough and uneven terrain - and the harsh environment you work in day in and day out. In order to do a good job, however, having a reliable or high-power vehicle is not enough. Tires play a key role in your work output, as they bear the weight of the load, and are essential to ensuring your safety.

You’ve probably had to deal with damaged tires or tears due to debris scattered on the ground, or have had to carry heavy loads in the pouring rain, sinking deeper into the mud and sludge as you accelerate. We recognize the obstacles that stand in your way of getting your job done, including working in extreme conditions, and that’s why we are featuring the CON STAR.

Presented at the last Agritechnica trade show, the CON STAR tire has been designed for material handling vehicles including telescopic handlers and wheel loaders providing top performance in any conditions thanks to:

  • Excellent grip due to large lugs increasing the contact area with the underlying ground surface;
  • Resistance and durability: the new cut-and-chip-resistant compound lends extraordinary strength to the tire, withstanding tears and impacts, not least resulting in a longer product life-cycle.
  • Vertical and lateral stability even at full load, an essential feature for this type of application. The CON STAR tire size 440/80 - 24 is marked with a load index of 168, and is able to handle loads up to 5,600 kg without compromising stability.

A true example of strength resistance Made in BKT.

What do you think? Has anyone tried using the CON STAR tire?

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